We have Redesigned Timesheets in Tanda

6 March, 2017 Renée Mellish

We’re excited to announce a series of upcoming updates to timesheets that will mean you can check, approve and manage your timesheets much more effectively.

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The timesheet updates include a series of layout improvements new features on each individual row on your timesheets, these include:

  • Clock-in photos: clock-in / out photos are now visible directly on the timesheet next to each shift. This will give managers and admins greater transparency over their staff time and attendance and help to ensure time-theft is not occurring.
  • Award breakdowns: so you can see exactly how your shift costs are being calculated an award chart is displayed for each shift.
  • Simplified allowance workflow: easily apply multiple allowances at once and see which allowances are applying to shifts without needing to use the dropdown toggle.
  • Autosaving: we are introducing autosaving, this will mean immediate feedback if there are any issues on the timesheet and you won’t need to worry about clicking the save button anymore.
  • Shift specific commenting: add comments directly to shifts rather than just to the entire timesheet. This will help to remove any confusion around which shift a comment may relate to and improve timesheet communications between managers and admins.

To begin with, these updates will only be visible on your weekly/fortnightly timesheets but in the coming months they will also appear on daily timesheets too.

We are releasing these updates gradually over the next few weeks, starting Tuesday March 28th.

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