Wage Compliance Testing

All-in-one payroll calculator

Award and enterprise agreement compliance

The fastest and cheapest way to ensure your payroll’s compliance with an award or enterprise agreement.

Test timesheets in our payroll calculator

Tanda PaySure’s payroll calculator is an industry-leading tool powered by Tanda’s #1 Workforce Success Platform.

A library of built-in awards

Our library of built-in awards has been tested, day in day out, by millions of employee shifts.

Annualised salary or wage reconciliation

Run an annual salary or wage reconciliation whenever you pay an award covered employee an annual salary instead of their award entitlements (e.g. base rate, overtime, loadings, penalty rates and allowances).

Comply with modern awards

From 1 March 2020, many awards will require employers to conduct pay cycle “outer limit” and annual salary reconciliations. Use Tanda PaySure to ensure you are complying with these new award requirements.

For timesheet and record keeping, use Tanda, the world's #1 platform for rostering, attendance, labour insights and workforce success.