Underpayment Auditing

Avoid underpayment liabilities with Tanda PaySure’s first-to-market auditing solution.

A mistake you can’t afford

Modern awards and enterprise agreements are difficult to interpret and even harder to apply. An honest mistake, multiplied over many employees and many shifts, is a mistake you can’t afford.

Criminalising underpayments

The Federal Government has announced plans to criminalise underpayments. Tanda PaySure will let you rest easy at night.

The affordable underpayment audit you have been looking for

There’s no need to spend big money to check whether employees have been paid properly. Our pricing is reasonable and affordable.

A clear and comprehensive report

Our reports can be as high level or as detailed as you need. The data is there - you tell us how much you need.

Looking for a full workforce management solution?

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