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Better off overall test (BOOT)

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About the better off overall test (BOOT)

Before the Fair Work Commission approves a proposed enterprise agreement, it must be satisfied that it passes the better off over test. The enterprise agreement must make every employee better off overall.

The only complete solution

If the BOOT requires every employee to be better off, why settle for a solution that only tests one roster? Tanda PaySure can test your proposed enterprise agreement against every employee roster ever worked.

Greenfields agreements

If you don’t have any employee timesheets to test, use our unique rostering tool instead.

Individual Flexibility Arrangements

Be confident your employee’s individual flexibility arrangement (IFA) makes them better off.

The IFA BOOT test

Did you know that an IFA must result in the employee being better off overall than if the IFA had not been made?

The IFA BOOT clause

IFAs also must set out how the IFA results in the employee being better off overall than if the IFA had not been made.

Does your IFA make the employee better off?

Use Tanda PaySure to demonstrate that your IFA makes your employee better off.

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