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Australia’s award and enterprise agreement system is complex and confusing. Tanda PaySure ensures you spend less time interpreting laws and more time accurately paying people.

We automate your employee payroll calculations, to make testing and comparing employee pay fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

What is Tanda Paysure?

Tanda PaySure is a payroll calculator and reporter. We help employers and professional advisors test and compare employee pay.

Who is Tanda PaySure for?

Tanda PaySure is for anyone who is dissatisfied with their current options for testing, auditing, or modelling employee pay. Our clients are mostly:

Employers Lawyers & Advocates Accountants

We significantly reduce the time required to calculate employee pay, making it fast and cost-effective to test and compare wages.

How Tanda Paysure works

Instrument interpretation and building pay conditions

Tanda PaySure’s payroll calculator works by applying pay conditions from an award or enterprise agreement (e.g. base rates, overtime, loadings, etc.) to an employee’s timesheets. You can use our library of built-in template award pay conditions, or your custom award or enterprise agreement can be built into the payroll calculator.

Upload your employee profiles, rosters and timesheets

We then upload into the payroll calculator the employee profiles (e.g. commencement date, date of birth and classification) and timesheets that you want a report on.

Calculate and report!

Once all of the relevant data is uploaded, the payroll calculator will calculate the pay values for each employee. This data can be reported on a pay cycle by pay cycle basis.

The all-in-one labour compliance solution

Find out why Tanda PaySure is Australia’s #1 Platform for Testing and Comparing Employee Pay