Calculations and Reporting

Tanda PaySure makes it possible for businesses to effortlessly process thousands of points employee data, apply pay conditions, run timesheet calculations, and download reports.

All-in-one payroll calculator platform

Complete with a comprehensive reporting tool, we are experts in simplifying workforce payroll calculation processes. Tanda PaySure transforms multiple hours spent on admin work to just a few minutes.

Input of your employees’ data can be done in just a few clicks. Integrate and sync our platform with your existing systems to seamlessly upload, record, and process everything.

Comprehensive and Repeatable

Our dedicated compliance team works with software developers to ensure changes to your interpretations are reflected accurately.

Cloud-based Integrations

Connect with Tanda PaySure to further enhance your payroll calculation proces.

Works with every and any system

Can’t see your programs in our list of integrations? No worries! Let us know what you need and how you need it to work, and we’ll partner with services that can convert your timesheets into a format compatible with our system.

Run it once and it’s done

After all relevant data is uploaded into the Tanda PaySure payroll calculator, and our quality assurance processes are complete, we’re all set to go:

We simply hit start and extract the employee pay values.

Get the report you need

Comparing Payslips to Payroll Calculator Values

  • Underpayment auditing
  • Award and enterprise agreement compliance testing
  • Due diligence
  • Annualised salary reconciliations
  • Individual flexibility arrangement (IFA) reconciliations

Comparing Two Payroll Calculator Values

  • Better off overall testing
  • Payroll modelling

Complete and customisable

Reports can be as high-level or as detailed as you need, whether you need to see an annual comparison or pay cycle and shift by shift comparison. You’re in control of how much data you see.

The details that you want, when you need them