Get the most from your workforce with Tanda and Xero

Over 1,000 Xero accounts are connected with Tanda. Connect your Xero account today for seamless and powerful timeclock-to-payroll processing.

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Connect Tanda and Xero for a convenient accounting and payroll system

Tanda in connection with Xero provides you with an easy, accurate, and convenient online accounting system that totally saves up your time to help grow your business even better.


Connect your Vend POS for real time sales data.

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How Tanda works well with Xero

Like Xero, Tanda reduces unnecessary paperwork and provides off-site access to time off approvals and roster management

Gross wage calculation

With our built-in Award Interpretation feature, Tanda automatically calculates gross wages and syncs clock in/out data so you can pay your staff accurately through Xero's system

Track Costs

Tanda’s in-depth cost-tracking can accurately predict wage cost and export reports to Xero for assigning and managing your costs.

How To Get Started

Step 1:

Connect Tanda to Xero

Connect your Xero account with Tanda.

Step 2:

Process Information

Employees can access their benefits and payroll through a single portal using the self-service capabilities to reduce manual work for your HR and Finance teams.

Step 3:

Predict Staffing Targets

Through Tanda’s Projections Table, automatically set staffing targets for your business. Use Tanda + Xero to never be over or understaffed again.

Step 4:

Track Profitability

Track labour costs and revenue as they fluctuate throughout the day and week through our Weekly Planner widget on the Tanda dashboard.

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