Human Resources Information System Partner


Maintain unified rostering and HR records for accurate data and reporting with Tanda and intelliHR.


A people management and analytics software that empowers you to empower your people.

Single source of truth

Unify your HR and employee records in one central location so you can spend more time looking after your people than looking for their information.

Best of breed approach

intelliHR’s configurable API and trusted ecosystem of partners and integrations enables you to build your own best-of-breed HR tech stack.

More than HR software

Not just for HR, our tools and analytics help managers empower their teams (even remotely), C-suite to plan and report, and employees to grow.

Does your HR work flow?

Say goodbye to paper files, spreadsheets and manual HR processes with automated, customisable workflows, forms and online HR surveys that save you and your managers time. Streamline your HR and make work flow like it should with intelliHR’s online HR software.


Make a great first (and last) impression with automated, yet personal onboarding and offboarding workflows.

Performance reviews

Streamline performance reviews with one-click performance reports that show goals, achievements, feedback and more.

Policies and sign-offs

Send the right policies, reminders and emails to the right people at the right time with compliance workflows.

Employee engagement

Understand engagement, wellbeing and culture with pulses analytics so you can build a great place to work.

Why integrate Tanda with intelliHR?

  • Roster the right people for the right shifts with our seamless integration.
  • Maintain unified rostering and HR records for accurate data and reporting.
  • Onboard your employees with an automated backend and employee-centric frontend.

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