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Employee Onboarding

Eliminate manual data entry by having new staff enter their own information directly into Tanda.

Employee Rostering

Schedule your team and monitor staff costs with Tanda's Employee Rostering system.

Time Clock Attendance

Record employee time and attendance accurately every time with Tanda's electronic clock in.

Leave Management

Track and approve employee leave requests effortlessly and without any need for paperwork.

Award Interpretation

Use Tanda's library of Modern Awards to automate your payroll and roster out calculation.

Payroll Integration

Manage your pay rates and staff setup by connecting your existing payroll systems to Tanda.


Tanda Time Clock

The most reliable way to track your employees’ time and attendance.

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Tanda has customers in 70 countries and 10 languages that focus on helping businesses build the most successful workforces.

About Us

We’re different because we solve the hard problems. We believe that listening to our customers and providing genuine customer service is the only way to be the best.

We believe in human capital. Our people are our biggest asset and our only goal is to make them successful.



Board Advisor

With over 40 years of experience in the IT Industry, Mr Puttick is a Founder and Former Chairman of Global Banking and Securities Transactions (GBST).

Currently serving as Board Advisor for Tanda, Mr Puttick provides strategic oversight to Tanda's long term vision.


Alex Ghiculescu

Alex manages Tanda's product development.


Jake Phillpot

Jake manages Tanda's end-to-end customer journey and market growth.


Josh Cameron

Josh is responsible for developing new commercial strategies to grow Tanda's footprint.


Tasmin Trezise

Tasmin leads Tanda's strategy development and growth into new markets.


Manual timesheets, excel rosters, overwhelming payroll, and too much paper?

We started Tanda out of a frustration in our own business to solve these common, complex headaches and have quickly become industry leaders in workforce management.

For us, nothing is more exciting than seeing our clients grow their business and focus on what they do best.



Market leading workforce technology for high performance teams


Connecting people and data to cognitive algorithms for smarter decision making


Enabling Artificial Intelligence to assist in workforce planning

Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Advisory Partners

Learn about Tanda’s advisory partners to see how you can optimize on operations and focus on growing your business

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Pryority and Tanda simplifies the way you manage your workforce through seamless technology.

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Keep them posted. All within Tanda.

Keep staff engaged and on the same page with Tanda Chat.

Message individuals or entire teams
Share important documents like training files or new policies
Communicate with other managers
From “happy birthday” to “have you clocked out?”

Share key updates, celebrate milestones, and make everyone feel part of the team.

Your contact list, updated for you.

When you add new staff, delete former staff, and update team details, it’s automatically reflected in Tanda Chat.

Celebrate wins with the team.

Highlighting someone’s individual performance shows the entire team how to be successful — and challenges them to do the same.


Private, one-to-one feedback.

Give staff feedback so they understand how to improve. Develop strong relationships and motivate them to do their best work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Employ the world’s most intelligent payroll service.

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Weekly evaluation of over 275,000 pay rules

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How Tanda works with Pryority

Smart rostering

Tanda reduces unnecessary paperwork by giving your managers the tools necessary to create rosters through templates or relative data.

Photo- and location-verified timesheets

No more guesswork — with the Time Clock App and GPS Clock-in, your attendance is automatically synced based on employees' rostered and worked hours.

Accurate wage costs

With our built-in Award Interpretation feature, Tanda calculates staff's worked hours and syncs it with Pryority for seamless payroll processing.

How To Get Started

Step 1:

Connect Tanda to Pryority

Connect your Pryority account with Tanda.

Step 2:

Sync relevant data

Set which team members can access your benefits and payroll through a single portal using the self-service capabilities, cutting hours on admin work from days to hours.

Step 3:

Set and track cost targets

Easily set staffing and wage cost targets for your business. Use Tanda + Pryority to stay on top of your requirements, teams, locations, and reports.

Step 4:

Stay on top of real-time data

See your predicted wage costs and actual spend on timesheets whenever you process payroll. Stay on top of relevant data by customising insights reporting on the Tanda dashboard.

Looking to take the administrative burden out of rostering and payroll for your hospitality business? All new Silverchef clients will receive a FREE tablet when signing up to Tanda.

Keep things running smoothly with crucial information at your fingertips.

Rostering Software
Employee Roster

Build rosters to match customer demand with Tanda’s online rostering software.

Control Wage Costs

Increase profits by giving your managers the data they need to control wage spend.

Simplify Employee Communication

Ensure that your staff doesn’t miss shifts and can request approval to swap shifts straight from their mobile device.

Employee Time Clock App
Employee Timeclock

Say goodbye to paper timesheets and time theft with Tanda’s photo-verified clockins and automated, accurate timesheets.

Auto Approval

Save time by auto approving and verifying timesheets. Shifts that match the roster are auto-approved.

Workforce Compliant

Based on your staff clockins, Tanda’s award engine calculates precise shift costs using either your managed award or EBA.

Integrate with Leading Payroll and POS Providers

and 100+ more

See how Tanda works for your employees and your business

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Tanda provides peace of mind that employees are being paid correctly through Award Interpretation. The new onboarding functionality streamlines the paperwork around employee staff saving valuable time.

Leila Smith


Sell more: Move faster with automated timesheets, costed rosters, and live wage tracking

#1 Workforce Success Platform for Retailers

Benefits and Features

Track Time and Attendance

Know exactly when your staff get to work and when they leave.

Qualification Compliance

Staff qualifications are clearly recorded and displayed on the roster for each staff member.

Award Interpretation

Automate industry award calculations to reduce admin time.

Retail Smart Services

Predictive Workforce
Live Insights
One-touch Rostering

What people think about using Tanda

See Rostered Staff

Keep track of your team’s schedule from the Tanda App. It displays the same comprehensive roster data as the desktop roster.


Team Roster View - Tanda App
Live Feed on the Tanda App
See who's at work right now

Tap on Live Feed and instantly see who is clocked in, starting soon, on break, and late to work.

Shift Replacements on the Tanda App
Manage shift swapping requests

Tanda’s Shift Replacement lets you make light work of swapping schedules. An employee who cannot work a shift can put it up for replacement. It’s your choice to approve or decline their request. Intuitive prompts allow you to see the shift and employee details, as well as best-fit replacements to help you make the right decision.

This feature depends on the way your account is set up. To turn it on, contact your account admin.
Shift Replacements (swapping) on the Tanda App

A complete award interpretation calculator, engineered for compliance

Our industry leading award engine can automate your wage calculations, whether you’re on one of our built-in award templates or have a custom EBA


Integrate Tanda with payroll and POS systems you already use

Thousands of people across the globe use, and recommend, Tanda

Boost Juice Bar
Betty's Burgers
Cheesecake Shop
Dominos Logo
Bunnings Warehouse
Choice Hotels
How Allens law firm uses Tanda’s Award Engine

See how leading Industrial Relations law firm Allens utilise Tanda's Award Calculator

Payroll Integrations

Directly sync award rules and base rates with your existing payroll so you can effortlessly process pay runs

Split wage costs across your Profit & Loss

Stop running manual journals and ad-hoc reports every month. Let Tanda make your accounting systems P & L useful and accurate.

For Managers

Map each team to the account code their costs belong to.

Approve ones timesheets for the week and hand over to payroll for export.

Check out the default P & L in your accounting system. Wages will be allocated across your various wage accounts.

For Payroll

Tanda maintains a single set of Pay Items/Wage categories in your payroll system for you.

Export your timesheets from Tanda via your payroll integration.

Return to Tanda, run the allocation. Tanda does the rest in less than a minute.

Stop flying blind with reports that you can't rely on

Get updates and early access to this feature.
Focus resources and build your intelligence with cognitive, self learning workforce pay algorithms.

Access to our dynamic industry award pay rule database


Your payroll programmatically configured


A simplification of complex pay infrastructure


Intelligent pay run creation


Learns from best practice, responds to legislation and updates its logic in real time


Knows exactly what people should be paid for the work that they do, as it happens


Access to a trained team to help you customise and implement Cognitive Payroll™

Draws on our proprietary database of industry award rules


Simplified complex pay infrastructure


Configure your payroll programmatically


Crowd sourced from payroll best practice


Calculate rates as they happen


Updates rates from external and internal changes (legislative, birthdays, roles etc)



Experience the difference of Tanda Cognitive Payroll™ now!

Tanda Partner Program

Automate rostering, timesheets, and Award Compliance with Tanda’s Workforce Success Software.

Become a Tanda Partner

All you need to do is have one of your clients use Tanda. Once you have your first client, you are automatically eligible to these perks:

One-off Referral Bonus equivalent to one month Subscription

One-off Referral Bonus equivalent to one month Subscription

One-off Referral Bonus equivalent to one month Subscription

Partners That Use Tanda Get The Most For Their Clients

Tanda is an online workforce success platform that helps businesses manage rostering, timesheets, payroll, and employee onboarding

Streamline Your Client's Operation with Tanda Add-ons

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Streamlined Budgeting

How often do you set a budget for your team? We can provide you automated labour cost budgets on the most frequent scale: by the hour or even by the minute. By keeping staffing ratios in line with workloads, you’ll keep your team efficient, motivated, and profitable.

Make All Your Managers Top-Performers

All of your managers want to be top performers. We can assist them to run the most efficient teams possible. Our predictive workforce platform identifies important factors and guides managers in making optimal staffing decisions.

Insightful Reporting

Our predictive workforce platform constantly looks for deviations from acceptable staffing levels. You, your managers, and other decision makers can instantly see when a roster falls outside of what is accepted.

Tanda & Retail Express

Combine market leading cloud software products, Tanda and Retail Express to manage your workforce and your costs.

Retail Express users that use Tanda get the most from their workforce.

Track staff time and attendance to the minute, as it happens
Use financial data to optimise your roster and payroll
Integrate with your existing payroll system
Manage leave, timesheets and rosters in one place
Delegate to your team


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Fill out their name and email. We've got the rest.

Onboarding Only gathers all the personal information you need to start paying new staff — no extensive data entry required. And without the need for a full Tanda subscription.

Tanda Onboarding screens
Tanda Onboarding Staff Email

1. Simple Invites

No more chasing forms from employers — who are chasing forms from staff. Simply send staff an Onboarding invite. They receive their forms through email and fill it out online.

2. Complete details without double-entry

One entry fills all. Staff fill out their details straight on Tanda,instead of multiple times on every form. It saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Tanda Onboarding home page

Onboard your first employee.

No more manual entry. Or chasing forms from employers and employees. Integrated with payroll software and the ATO. Just pay a small fee per employee.

How Tanda works well with SyncHub

Get greater insight

Run advanced reports and analytics beyond the reporting already available in Tanda.

Build comprehensive reports

Access all your Tanda data, including clock in, shift, location, schedule, timesheet and more.

Synthesize all your data

Create reports that incorporate Tanda data with that from other sources for deeper insights on the state of your business

How To Get Started

Step 1:

Connect Tanda to Savvy

Integrate your Tanda account with your Savvy Reports account

Step 2:

Process Information

Savvy Reports consolidates data and allows users to customise reports, dashboards, and forecasts based on your Tanda data.

Step 3:

Predict Staffing Targets

Through Tanda’s Projections Table, automatically set staffing targets for your business. Use Tanda and Savvy to never be over- or under- staffed again.

Step 4:

Track Profitability

Track labour costs and revenue as they fluctuate throughout the week through Tanda’s Weekly Planner widget

Tanda Workforce API
Integrate with any system using the power & flexibility of the Tanda API. Pass data in/out of Tanda to customise your implementation. Talk to our team for more information.
Calendar Sync
Managers and employees can know their shifts faster when connected to Google Calendar.
Sync shifts in just a few clicks with Microsoft Outlook for better employee communication.
QK Technologies
Import rosters directly from QikKids directly into Tanda to compliantly track and record staff attendance in real-time.
Happy HR
Meet the world’s most comprehensive HR platform designed for business. Want legally compliant HR policies, contracts, employee performance management, OH&S and support from Australia’s #1 HR team.
Powerful Integrations

Tanda partners with various payroll providers and POS systems to improve your business operations and drive you towards success.