Data into decisions

Tanda is building a feature to help manage labour costs and business demand, called Live Insights.

This is Daniel. Daniel runs a business. Tracking his demand and labour costs throughout the day is a real challenge for him.



When forecasts don't go according to plan,
Daniel struggles to staff his store accurately and his wage costs spiral out of control.


With Live Insights, Daniel can manage labour
and demand for an improved day of operations.


The insights you need to turn data into decisions


Live Demand

Input your demand data to stay on top of your KPI's
and make data-driven decisions about your staffing.

  • Input any demand data, including sales
  • Compare predicted and actual demand
  • Live data
  • Input multiple datastreams
  • See the teams and locations you manage

Live Wages

Know how many staff you need to cater for demand to ensure quality of service and manage wage costs.

  • View as staff count or wages
  • Updated every 15 minutes
  • See data-based suggestions
  • Compare rostered data to actual data
  • Filter by Team and Location

Be like Daniel. Stay updated.

This feature is a work in progress. Sign up to Tanda for alerts and early access.