Online Leave Management

Tanda’s Leave Management system is a paperless and effortless way to submit, approve, and track employee leave.


Managers can enter leave into Tanda for staff if they're sick so they know they will get paid, but also keeps the cost of the weekly roster accurate.

                                                  -   Bianca, Payroll Manager at rawGROUP Hospitality

With Tanda, you change what you need to and it'll send out messages to everyone involved, which saves a lot of time.

                                                  -   Brett, Chief Operating Officer at Beefy's Pies


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One Central Platform for Employees

Employees can submit and view leave requests, set availability, and check the roster for upcoming shifts in one central workforce platform. Using Tanda, a best practice process for leave management can easily be implemented across the entire business.

Track Employee Leave from Roster to Payroll

Tanda displays leave data across the entire system. This makes it easier for you to roster, approve timesheets, and process payroll. Tanda automatically transfers approved leave requests to employee timesheets, allowing you to easily track requests and costs in your payroll software.


Tanda's leave management software helps thousands of staff move away from time consuming paper-based leave processes.

Roster Integration

Shorten your rostering time by incorporating leave data into your rosters so that you can view staff availability and shifts in one location. Employee leave is automatically calculated through the award interpretation, and included in the costed roster function.

View Leave Accruals

Tanda integrates with cloud payroll software like Xero and MYOB ARL to display employee leave accruals in Tanda and the time clock. This helps keep employees informed, accountable and actively engaged in the leave management process.

Events & Leave

Tanda’s leave management system incorporates roster data and staff details, so you can view what’s happening on days that employees request leave including staff birthdays, scheduled shifts, public holidays, and more.

Pre-Calculated Leave

Approved leave requests are automatically transferred to timesheets where the leave is accounted for as part of an employee’s gross wage. Timesheets can be edited up until they are exported to payroll. 

Payroll Integration

Export approved leave requests directly onto employee timesheets and through to your payroll software. Managers can also view accrued leave amounts and costs when processing payroll.

Apply from anywhere

Tanda’s cloud-based leave management system lets employees submit leave at work through the Time Clock, and at home through the online Employee Portal. Tanda empowers workplaces by sharing the responsibility for leave management with employees.

And more...

Leave Reasons

Tanda provides managers with greater insight and visibility into the dynamics of their workforce, as managers can review the employee’s leave reason and roster accordingly. For example, you can alter the roster to account for an injured employee recovering from an operation.

Leave Calendar

Tanda collates employee leave in one location on the leave calendar. It easily integrates with Google Calendar and iCal so you can manage staff leave with your business, work events and holidays.

Leave Documentation

Attach any documentation or certificate in PDF format with leave requests for improved clearer communication and easier compliance. Some example include medical certificates, jury duty summons, and student exam timetables.


rawGROUP Hospitality

Beefy's Pies

Saltwater Properties

If labour is a significant cost centre for your business and you’re not taking any steps to control that cost centre, you’re crazy. Tanda will save you 10x than what it cost you.

Director of Raw Group Hospitality (Beach House)

Spending time on payroll and timesheets is not cost efficient. So anything that makes the process more streamlined is a huge bonus to our business, and Tanda did that.

General Manager Pelican Waters Resort