Introducing Locations & Teams in Tanda

6 June, 2016 Renée Mellish

On June 15 we are launching a big upgrade to the way you organise your business & staff in Tanda.

What are we changing?

We aren’t removing any of the current functionality that you have but we are making things more simple to understand and easier to locate in Tanda.


  • We are replacing departments and roles with locations & teams
  • Teams combine the functionality of departments & roles into 1 and are the building blocks for your rostering & reporting
  • Locations provide a grouping for your teams based on their actual location, each location has its own set of teams.

Changes on the roster

The roster sidebar now includes clear distinction between your locations. Locations are also displayed directly on your shift cards as shortcodes.


New Team Setup page

This page replaces the current departments & roles pages. Manage everything in the 1 spot Staff > Team Setup.


How does this upgrade impact your account?

We strongly encourage that you take the time to have a look at your account after the 15 of June and make sure everything is okay.

We have migrated your account based on your current departments & roles setup.

If you have any questions or feedback please send them to

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