Improve Employee Attendance with a Rewards Program

20 October, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Tardiness can be a pressing problem for businesses. Having a person or two late for work means that some tasks can’t be done on time. And for businesses such as retail stores and restaurants, your staff will have a hard time covering for customers if some people are late for their shift.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 29% of respondents admitted that they were late for work at least once a month. 49% blame the traffic for their tardiness, 32% blame it on oversleeping, while the rest blame bad weather, procrastination, and “too tired to get out of bed.”

Deducting pay for tardiness and unexcused absences is one way to ensure employee attendance. However, rewarding good behaviour also helps make sure that more people come to work on time. That is why we recommend that your business have an employee attendance incentive program in place.

Here are some suggestions on what cool incentives you can provide, as well as tips to make sure your program is a success.

Free Breakfast

The reward could be as simple as a nice meal out of the office. At the end of the month or quarter, ask those who didn’t come in late or had unexcused time off to have breakfast with you at a restaurant of their choice before the start of the workday. Spend that time to express your appreciation for their dedication to the business through their perfect attendance record.

Extra Time Off

Incentivise staff that always come on time by giving them extra time for themselves. You can the most punctual employee for the month the option of leaving work one or two hours early on a Friday, giving that person a headstart for the weekend. You can also reward him or her a much-deserved vacation with extra paid leave allowances.

Free Training

People love to work at a company that gives them opportunities to grow by learning new skills. Your employees will be more motivated to come to work on time if they know that they can attend training seminars as a reward. It’s a win-win incentive, as the knowledge your staff will gain will also positively impact your business.

Make It a Success

An employee attendance rewards program will only be effective with proper execution. Have a small kickoff event at the office, where everyone gets to know the program’s guidelines and rewards. Regularly remind staff through email messages and posters, motivating them to always come to work on time.

And finally, do away with manual timekeeping methods and switch to a time and attendance software. It will help you accurately record employee clock-ins to find out who among them will receive rewards.

With Tanda, managers can easily find out who among the staff is the most punctual with the attendance report feature.

To get this report, log in to Tanda, and from the dashboard go to Reports > Attendance Reports.

Clicking on an employee’s name lets you know how punctual they are for any given time period.

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