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We know you’ve got better things to be doing than spending hours on your payroll.
Tanda automates your payroll process.

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Build your roster

Build detailed rosters based on locations & teams in minutes with Tanda’s simple online rostering tool.

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Send shifts to your staff

Send your roster to staff via SMS (and/or email) to save them the hassle of making a special trip in to check the roster.

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Clock in

Start using Tanda by downloading our free Time Clock app for iOS (iPad) or Android so your staff can easily clock in/out of their shifts.

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Automate timesheets

When staff clock in, the exact time they worked gets updated in Tanda - or you can set it to round to their rostered shift.


Pay staff correctly

Your payroll processing time will be halved with Tanda’s seamless accounting integration.

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Streamline your business with powerful integrations

Tanda partners with leading POS and Payroll add-ons

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