Employee communications

Reach employees wherever they are

Use Tanda App’s Communications feature to stay in touch with your managers and staff. Changes to company policies? Be sure time-sensitive information makes its way to the right teams and employees, no matter where they’re located.

Calls, texts, and email chains? There's a better way to get the word out

Emails and calls are great for office workers, but they’re not designed for employees in frontline work. With Tanda’s app, you can instantly communicate with employees, giving you confidence they’ll get the message.

Get your message
out to teams quickly

If an emergency arises, you don’t want to be scrambling for employee phone numbers. Tanda allows managers to broadcast announcements across the locations and teams they use for scheduling, so time-sensitive information can reach the right people.

Hear from your staff

Looking for missing equipment? Want feedback on new procedures? Staff can use their Tanda app to reply to announcements and share their thoughts with the team.

Ensure your messages
have been read

Make sure your announcements are read with Tanda’s communication acknowledgement feature, and keep track of who’s yet to respond or see your message.

Trusted by businesses great and small

Happy partners of Tanda

A movement dedicated to a better employee experience

“I certainly recommend Tanda, it has created a far more professional and thorough system for myself and my management team.”
Paul Mondo
Bimbi Day Care
“Tanda is the most user friendly out of all the platforms we’ve reviewed.”
Ebony Harty
Betty's Burgers
Using the platform, each manager would have saved about 2-3 hours a week. So the wage costs have dropped substantially as well.
Natasha Laidler
MyHealth Medical Group

Streamline your business with powerful integrations

Integrate Tanda with payroll and POS systems you already use.

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