Feature Alert: Unavailability Notifications Are Live!

12 January, 2018 Dominique Tuck

Introducing unavailability emails

Tanda users, you have spoken, and we have listened! Introducing, unavailability notifications! Let’s face it, managing casuals can be tricky at times. Having flexible working hours is a huge advantage for some, but for managers, it can be tough aligning your rosters with changing staff schedules. This is why we are now introducing a notification system that helps you plan ahead with the right information from the get go.

How it works: Tanda will be sending out a daily email with any new or updated unavailabilities.  Don’t worry, we’re not going to spam you! We’ll only update you when there’s a new change, ensuring that you’ll never be caught out by an unexpected schedule change.

Who does it get sent to? We’ll want to keep all the right people informed of changes, much like the current notification system we already have incorporated for Leave. We thought we’d keep that same logic. Hence, team managers will be receiving the notifications.

When does it get sent? Daily! We’ll send it nice and early at 8am at the start of the business day so you can start off the day with the right information from the get go.

What it looks like:


The view calendar link will link to the unavailability calendar for the date range matching the unavailability entry.

If the unavailability entry is for only one day, we will show a message below the table that details how many casuals are still available on that day. This is to help flag to managers if they are not going to have enough casual staff to put on the roster for a particular day i.e. all the casuals put in they are unavailable for Friday night the manager can see this an action it if required.

Is it just for casuals? This feature is available for part-time and full-time staff as well. Don’t forget, if they need compensation for the time taken off, they may be better suited to applying for leave.

Lastly, we’d like to give a shout out to all of our loyal Tanda users who jump onto our Canny board regularly and provide helpful feedback. Your ideas let us know what’s important to you.  If you haven’t checked out our Canny board, you can jump onto it here.

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