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"It’s become more of a business tool than just a timesheet."

David Goodwin, Director and Owner at Interport Cargo

Interport Cargo Director and Business Owner David Goodwin talks Tanda...

David Goodwin is the Director of Interport Cargo. Established in 1964, Interport Cargo is one of Brisbane’s oldest business on the Brisbane Port servicing a large range of freight and shipping customers from the Brisbane Wharf. The company has quickly grown into the most reputable depot in Brisbane, and simply doesn’t have time to waste on paper timesheets.

Before Tanda, David acknowledges that processing timesheets and payroll was an extremely manual process.

“We just basically had manual time sheets. People would sign in, sign out and then every week, those things would be transferred into an excel spreadsheet, aggregated through and input to MYOB.

“It was quite a manual process and certainly one of those that we needed to evolve from.”

Interport Cargo initially introduced Tanda across multiple locations, allowing them to monitor the business and employees all from head office.

“I think having Tanda as part of the business has allowed us to manage not just processing the pays, but actually managing the people- who’s turned up when. When we’re short of staff we get an alert. It’s become more of a business tool than just a timesheet.”

David says the staff found the transition to Tanda easy as everyone is familiar with the technology, and it even stopped a few bad habits from employees.

“Everyone is used to smart phones, everyone is used to tapping things into gadgets. I think it’s probably easier than finding your name in a list of names. It’s stopped little things like people writing things in comments on the timesheets. I think it’s been generally positive, easily implemented.”

David isn’t readily involved in processing the payroll, so he appreciates that he can still receive regular updates regarding the running of the company what’s happening with his personnel.

“For me as a business owner, it’s that I can manage and have a business snapshot and reporting what’s happening around my personnel.

“I’m not involved in processing the pays, and I like to see things automated to me. So I get the daily reports, and I get the weekly reports. That’s how we manage our business.”

“It’s a great product, it’s been very easily implemented, it’s adapted to what our existing systems. It’s taken out a lot of our manual processing- definitely recommend it!”

Interport Cargo Services commenced operations in July 1960 with a Customs Brokerage in Brisbane, based in Wharf Street. Since then it has grown to facilities in Newstead, Hamilton, Northgate and in September 2008 all operations were merged into one large facility in Lytton based near the Port of Brisbane. With a private family company philosophy Interport values customers for the long term.

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