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"Tanda will be an essential tool for us moving forward as it will scale effortlessly."

Andrew Shub, Chief Operating Officer at Mon Purse

Mon Purse love using Tanda...

Mon Purse’s Chief Operating Officer Andrew Shub uses Tanda because it helps him manage multiple store locations while focusing completely on customer satisfaction.

Mon Purse is a Sydney based retailer started by Lana Hopkins, that designs and monograms bespoke European leather handbags for women. Mon Purse’s core belief is built on the notion that every woman’s handbag is different, and should reflect the individuality of the woman. Tanda lets Mon Purse focus on creating a unique experience for each customer, and not the repetitive administrative processes.

“At Mon Purse we allow our customers to design, customise and monogram European leather handbags and leather goods, both online and in one of our three premium locations.”

“Tanda has revolutionised the way we manage and pay the casual and part time team at Mon Purse.”

The ability for staff to receive and communicate information regarding the rostering, has been crucial to the company’s positive experience with Tanda.

“The easy to use app allows the team to provide us with their availability, and put their shifts up for swapping internally if they are unwell or their plans change. This ensures the team finds solutions to their rostering rather than management having to spend too much time doing so.”

The automatic interpretation of the retail award was the deal maker for Mon Purse, as it saved managers and accountants from hours of complex award rates calculations.

“In tandem, we had been evaluating two different systems on a trial basis. Tanda came out miles in front when it came to time saved by the management and payroll teams at Mon Purse.”

“Additionally the integration with Xero is seamless, allowing us to finalise timesheets, export to Xero and get the team paid in just a matter of minutes.”

Being able to focus on their customers has driven Mon Purse’s customer demand, and they are excited for the prospect of expanding their business past the three stores and online.

“We have six more stores coming in the next few months, thanks to our partnership with MYER, Tanda will be an essential tool for us moving forward as it will scale effortlessly with our business growth.”

Brett from Beefy's Pies

Mon Purse is a Sydney based retailer specialising in bespoke handbags. Using European leather, customers can customise, design and monogram leather goods to suit any need.

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Know exactly when your staff get to work, and when they leave.

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Staff qualifications are clearly recorded and displayed on the roster for each staff member.

Award Interpretation

Automatic award interpretation saves you hours in complex calculations.

We’re breaking with tradition, and shaking up the world of payroll.

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Tanda’s rostering system lets you know who can’t work and why, giving you all the data you need to optimise your roster.

Payroll Integration

1 click payroll integration means that Tanda works seamlessly with your pre-existing software eliminating those wasted hours of manually importing data into payroll. Read more

In-depth Reporting

Tanda’s in-depth reporting system allows you to view your wage costs, and to manage your finances accordingly.


Upload multiple staff qualifications for each individual, to easily display qualifications on the roster. Tanda alerts you when qualifications have expired or are nearing expiry.

Multi-approval Timesheets

Tanda’s multi-approval functionality means that multiple supervisors, in different locations can review and approve timesheets.

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