"Thanks to Tanda I'm spending less time on admin and more time providing great health services and advice."

- jarred kiel, marraboor pharmacy co-owner
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Track Costs, Manage Staff, and Grow Your Pharmacy Business


Track Time and Attendance

Know exactly when your staff get to work and when they leave.

Qualification Compliance

Keep track of staff's RSA and RCG Qualifications as they expire.

Award Interpretation

Automate industry award calculations to reduce admin time.

Marraboor Pharmacy is a locally-owned pharmacy in Swan Hill that has been providing exceptional customer service and health advice to the Swan Hill community for more than 50 years.



Located in Swan Hill, Marraboor Pharmacy is a locally-owned and operated pharmacy that has been providing great quality service and health advice for the community for over 50 years.

Known for their friendly and knowledgeable staff, Marraboor Pharmacy provides a range of health services such as immunisations and blood pressure recordings, as well as a number of over the counter and prescription medications.

“As a business owner and pharmacist, being part of the local community is really important. What I love about my job is being able to help people through the service we provide.”

Jarred discovered Tanda when he went searching for a better solution to manage and roster his staff across his busy store. Having previously used online systems and spreadsheets to roster, and paper timesheets to record staff attendance, Jarred was looking for a solution that could solve his rostering issues and make payroll processing easier.

“Running a pharmacy means that labour is my second biggest expense after stock. I, therefore, needed a simple and fast way to create rosters for my team, and forecast my labour costs. It needed to be easily visible, and able to connect to my Xero account so my wife could do payroll.

“Tanda’s made a huge difference in how I roster. It was so easy to use with the drag-and-drop feature, and I could quickly see that I had my whole team covered with the colour-coded roster.

“The integration has been so easy with Xero and has made a real difference for my wife. She used to come in on a Monday to do payroll and would spend hours chasing up staff who’d forgotten to fill in timesheets. Now she can come in, check the time clock selfies and timesheets, and do payroll in no time.”

In addition to faster rostering, Jarred is also enjoying the Award Interpretation and Leave Management features built into Tanda.

“Being able to forecast my labour costs, plan my time and workforce through Tanda has really made a difference. I can see all my labour costs easily in Tanda, so I now know when someone is going into overtime on a Saturday, and how much that will cost me.

“There’s already plenty of paperwork involved in running a pharmacy, so I’m a big advocate of paperless systems. Being able to track and approve staff leave requests electronically through Tanda, has made it much easier not only for rostering and payroll but for tracking our leave accruals and leave costs in general.”

Tanda is giving Jarred more time to focus on his business and his patients.


We’ve automated time and attendance because payroll wasn’t meant to take all day. We take care of everything from when  you clock in at work, to when you fill in your timesheet, to when you get paid.


Cloud-based rostering and timesheets eliminates paper


Stop time theft and generate automatic timesheets with electronic time clocks


Gain more in-depth insights into your business and its processes to help you grow further




Award Interpretation

Tanda is the market leader in the automatic award interpretation of the Pharmacy Services Award (MA000120,) regularly updated in accordance with Fair Work Australia.

Costed Roster

Know how much your weekly roster is going to cost you before staff clock in, by tracking your costs in the roster builder and matching it to your budget.


Upload multiple staff qualifications for each individual, to easily display qualifications on the roster. Tanda alerts you when qualifications have expired or are nearing expiry.


Time and Attendance

Always pay your staff accurately and fairly for the times they work. A simple four digit code and photo means that the right staff are always working at the right time.


Tanda’s rostering system lets you know who can’t work and why, giving you all the data you need to optimise your roster.

Payroll Integration

One click payroll integration means that Tanda works seamlessly with your existing software, eliminating those wasted hours of manually importing data into payroll.


In-Depth Reporting

Tanda’s in-depth reporting system allows you to view your wage costs, and to manage your finances accordingly.

SMS Rosters

Eliminate roster miscommunication with Tanda as staff are easily notified of upcoming shifts via SMS and email. They also receive notifications of roster changes as they happen.

Multi-Approval Timesheets

Tanda’s multi-approval functionality means that multiple supervisors, in different locations can review and approve timesheets.