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"The Time Clock was the real draw card for our medical practice."

Petra, Bookkeeper at Burrum Street Medical Practice

See what Burrum Street Medical Practice Bookkeeper, Petra had to say about Tanda...

Petra is responsible for managing the day to day processing of accounts payable, receivable and payroll. Tanda helps her to manage costs and keep an eye on employees even if she’s not onsite.

Before Tanda, payroll was a very manual process from staff entering hours, to the data being collated in MYOB and paying staff

“In terms of payroll, all the staff were hand-writing hours in a wages record book. So we’d have on average 15 staff who need weekly calculating and tallying of each of their weekly wage books, and then data entering that into the correct fields for process in MYOB”.

“Changing over to Tanda was a big step, as it was going from a very manual process to automated one, but saying that, that change has been oh so good!”

Petra says the Tanda Time Clock was the real draw card for this medical practice as they had serious issues monitoring time and attendance, but that they have already seen the benefits.

“We were experiencing  significant discrepancies in what people were writing in their wage books and as to what they were actually working. Having an accurate record of their clock in and out times was a huge breakthrough for this particular business. Having the time clock has reduced discrepancies but also reduced overtime payments.”

After implementing Tanda, it took a few weeks for staff to adjust to the new system, however Petra admits that the Tanda Support Team and her onboarding consultant Katrina, made the process that much easier.

“Katrina’s help during the setup process is really beneficial for Tanda as a product, because having a big change in systems is one thing, but having someone there and ready to help is another thing, and Tanda provides that!”

As a MYOB enthusiast Petra loves that Tanda integrates so easily with MYOB, allowing her to pull across all the data into MYOB’s reporting systems but also saves her so much time in processing payroll.

“It’s really easy to jump on Tanda at any point, and check time sheets regularly. So when you get to the end of the week, it’s just a matter of approving them and they’re fine- so it does save me quite a bit of time!”

“Tanda’s a good option to go for it you’ve got 10 or more employees, use a rostering system and want to keep an eye on employees clocking in and clocking out. I’d definitely recommend Tanda!”

Burrum Street Medical Practice is an AGPAL accredited medical practice based in Bundaberg (Queensland) and their team are committed to providing excellence in medical care in their community.

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