Enterprise Workforce Management Software

"We are always looking to use the latest innovative technology in everything that we do as a Company."

Nick Knight, AU & NZ CEO of Domino's (ASX: DMP)

Tanda for Enterprise gives you the clarity, control, and tools you need to get the most from your workforce — company-wide. With clever cloud infrastructure and unlimited teams, it scales to fit your business needs, no matter how big.

Tailor made Software-as-a-Service solutions
Gain governance and oversight of your business
Why it's important to pay people correctly

Cut down time theft Improve business processes & gain insight Eliminate paper

Unleash your data

Get real-time workforce data from across the company, a single shift, or a single team member. See who's at work, how much it costs, and where every team is at. All in one place. It's your whole workforce—livestreamed.

"Rolling out Tanda in Domino's stores across Australia & New Zealand will allow our franchisees to efficiently roster and record team member’s attendance."

Nick Knight, AU & NZ CEO
Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (Domino’s)

Governance & Oversight

Let your whole company see what's in the works, from high-level view right down to each shift. Easily get insight from employees, managers, payroll, HR—everyone who needs to be part of your process.

"It's made communicating with managers about the staff and shifts much easier because we can just log into our account, choose any of our businesses and see it all in one shot."

Bianca Pearson, Payroll & Accounts
rawGROUP Hospitality

Our Enterprise Services


Fit for your custom use by collaborating with third parties to build on our API or our team can work in a fast agile development cycle with a fixed daily rate.

Solution Architecture & Integrations

Connect your existing payroll, BI, HR & workforce systems into Tanda seamlessly with advice from our knowledgeable architecture team.

EA & BOOT Modelling

Work with our Industrial Relations team to enter your next round of union negotiations armed with comprehensive modelling of the labour cost impact.

Enterprise Agreement Automation

Have Tanda configured to automatically apply your industrial relations documents to your rosters, timesheets and payroll systems.

VIP Service

Collaborate or contract with our implementation, change management, testing & training experts to ensure all stakeholders are engaged and the solution rolled out smoothly.

Support Desk

Customise a support SLA that meets end user expectations and cost requirements whilst avoiding further burdens to your internal help team.

Benefits for everyone in your organisation

Achieve organisational success by getting the most from your workforce.

Increase profitability.

Biggest asset is people and this gives the tools for them to be their best.

Improve group wide profitability.

Provide daily feedback on labour costs to every manager in your company.

Equip yourself with data for the future.

Use data to make more strategic decisions.

Scalable enterprise grade Australian-based hosting.

99.9% uptime with 18 hrs, 7 days a week support desk options.

Integrate Tanda into your business with our Restful API.

Australian-made, developed and implemented.

Proven enterprise record.

Fully continuous development cycle. Client access to UAT environment as required.

20% R&D reinvestment spend.

0 server or networking overheads.

Simple password & security management with Azure or Google Single Sign-On (SSO).

Use off the shelf, extend with API’s or we can use our customisation capability.

Customised support service level security.

Effective disaster recovery measures.

Ease the business impact of Enterprise Agreement changes.

Automate complicated compliance Enterprise Agreement conditions.

Maintain an accurate record of employee’s onsite for OHS.

Roster validations and alerts.

Visibility across your organisation over actual work patterns for casual and part-time staff.

Keep track of salaried hours for ‘Better off Overall Test’ purposes.

We keep it simple.

Can operate with no existing IT infrastructure or resources.

Access like you access your online banking. Easy and secure.

Transparent and fair system that all employees can understand.

No change to your current payroll system.

Completely customise your award or enterprise agreement rules.

Australian based payroll experts to help you along the way.

Get the most from your workforce

Start empowering your team with Tanda Enterprise Edition today!