Encourage Staff to Come on Time With Cool Rewards (INFOGRAPHIC)

8 November, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Having a person or two late for work means that some tasks can’t be done on time. And for businesses such as retail stores and restaurants, your staff will have a hard time covering for customers if some people are late for their shift.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 29% of respondents said that they came in late at least once a month. 49% blame the traffic for their tardiness, 32% blame it on oversleeping, while the rest blame bad weather, procrastination, and “too tired to get out of bed.”

Rewarding good behaviour can motivate your people to come to work on time. This infographic will let you know what fun incentives you can give your staff as part of your employee attendance rewards program.

Let us know if you agree, and share if you think this can help your business as well as others!

This infographic shows how an employee attendance rewards program can encourage more of your staff to avoid tardiness and unexcused absences.


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