Are your staff qualified to work?

17 October, 2016 Grace Kulbe


Knowing when staff are working is one thing, but knowing that staff are qualified and competent can add a huge reassurance for employers.

Industries such as hospitality, childcare and medical services are required to track staff qualifications to meet legal compliance regulations. In addition to recording staff qualifications, childcare centres are required to display staff qualifications on the roster.

Why it’s important to keep a record of staff qualifications

Qualification compliance arises as an issue for businesses, as some jobs legally require the specific qualification and knowledge to perform a certain task or responsibility.

For example:

Bartenders must obtain a Responsible Service of Alcohol certification (RSA) before being able to legally work behind a bar and serve alcohol to patrons. If they also work in food production, then they may be required to hold a food safety certification as well as First Aid/ CPR certificate.

A childcare worker must hold a valid Working With Children certification to be able to work in an environment where children are present. In addition to this, they may be required to hold a certificate in education, as well as various health safety certifications such as First Aid/ CPR, Anaphylaxis and Asthma certificates.

Tracking and implementing qualification compliance measures can present numerous problems for businesses who may not have the resources, time or technical capability to keep track of all staff qualifications, including when the qualifications expire.

Tanda simplifies qualification compliance

Tanda’s qualification feature assists employers to effectively record, track and roster their staff while meeting their qualification compliance requirements.

Qualification documentation can be uploaded to individual employee profiles to indicate the competency of the individual. Teams within Tanda can then also be restricted based on employee qualification type, ensuring that every individual working within the specific team is adequately qualified for the job.

For example, an RSA could be the prerequisite qualification for the Bar team, meaning that anyone working within the Bar, from bartenders to glassys, would need to be fully qualified with an RSA.

Add prerequisite qualifications for each team, to ensure every employee is qualified to work in that team.


Employers can use the qualification feature to enhance rostering for smarter and more compliant workforce management. Staff are able to easily and quickly view qualifications on the roster, in addition to details such as team and location. Managers will also be alerted to expiring qualifications on the roster; receiving alerts before the qualification expires, and subsequently once it has.

Tanda alerts you to qualifications that are about to expire, or have already expired.


Tanda makes it easy for Employers to keep track of staff qualifications, as it’s all stored electronically in one secure location in Tanda. By displaying staff qualifications on the roster, alerting managers to encroaching expiry dates and enabling qualification specific teams Tanda makes it easy for employers to be compliant.

Visit the Tanda Help Site for more information on setting up employee qualifications in Tanda.

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