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For many years, Tanda has been responsible for your roster, clock in & out times and making sure you get paid quickly and fairly. We're now on a mission to help more employees, so we need your help.

Want to know more about TANDA?

In a nutshell, Tanda is a 'Time & Attendance system' that is used by businesses for employee timesheets, rosters, calculating pay rates and so much more. That device you use to clock-in when you start your shift, that's us!

*Terms and Conditions

  1. Referred business must have been using Tanda for at least 3 consecutive months for the Referrer to be eligible for the $200 Referrer bonus.
  2. The Referrer must notify and invoice Tanda within 28 days, after the 3 months the referred business has used Tanda, to be eligible for the $200 Referrer bonus.
  3. The Referrer must be a business that is currently using Tanda.
  4. Tanda reserves the right to add, subtract, and/or edit these terms and conditions and discontinue the promotion at anytime.
  5. To receive the $200 Referrer bonus, the Referrer must provide Tanda with a compliant tax invoice for the $200 Referrer bonus.
  6. The $200 bonus is not eligible for Referrers that are part of the Partner Program, which includes, but is not limited to: Accountants, Bookkeepers, other 3rd party advisors.
  7. An authorised representative of the referred business must confirm that the Referrer introduced the the referred business to Tanda.