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Myhealth Medical Centre

Processing payroll for 800 with a team of one. How Myhealth Medical became experts on improving productivity and efficiency within the workforce.

The objective is efficiency

“My title is Systems Development Manager,” Natasha Laidler of MyHealth says. “Day-to-day, my job involves a bit of everything, but mainly HR-related issues.”

Founded in 2007 by Dr. James Liang, MyHealth Medical Centre contains over 80 practices in its network, and total staff across the entire organisation currently numbers up to more or less 800 persons. The practices service up to 1.2 million patients yearly, and is considered the largest shopping centre-based medical operator in Australia.

Natasha handles all registrars in training while simultaneously developing systems to make work at clinics more efficient. With that large an organisation size, there was bound to be a few roadblocks along the way.

MyHealth’s key challenges

  • Myhealth needed a user-friendly and accessible way to record staff attendance.
  • Inaccurate timesheet data meant processing payroll and paying staff correctly posed a significant compliance risk.
  • Completing payroll across the 800 staff group meant hundreds of hours spent entering and fixing data.

Simple yet sophisticated solutions

Natasha and MyHealth were seeking a workforce management system that could grow and scale alongside their business. However, the demographics of many of their managers meant whatever they chose needed to be user-friendly and easy to learn.

To address this, the team over at Tanda built a fully customised iteration of their flagship software using its API. It’s tailored to the enterprise’s specific organisational needs and integrates with systems that MyHealth already have in place. Combined with the simplicity of the base tool, the new solution was easily adopted and learned by all practice managers.

“Tanda appeals to us in the sense that it’s very, very user-friendly. We really haven’t had any issues across any of our practice managers that range in their level in computers. It’s very easy from their end, and also for accounts. They’re able to export the times and timesheets that already have the award rules applied to it. So it saves time.”
Natasha Laidler
Systems Development Manager - Myhealth Medical Centre

Mending Time and Attendance Mistakes

Before using Tanda, the inaccuracy of recorded data was an obstacle to quick timesheet processing. During clock-ins and clock-outs, employees would enter incorrect times and manually select the dates they were present at work. Additionally, any corrections to the staff roster and timesheets would be made during payroll processing at the end of the week—resulting in confusion and inaccuracy as employees would try to remember their clock-ins for the previous days.

With Tanda’s automation, however, they eliminated this issue and sped up timesheet processing. The connection between timesheets and staff rostering software has also saved practice managers a significant amount of time at work. “Each manager would probably have saved, I’d say, about 2-3 hours a week—which equates to about, in terms of someone’s wage cost, that would be about $100,” Natasha says.

Payroll has been streamlined as well. Now, the number of people working on payroll for the entire 800-staff organisation has been reduced to a grand total of one: “So the wage costs have dropped substantially as well. Basically, a whole salary has been taken off our wages.”

A simple to use rostering and attendance system ensures that staff can receive their schedules and record the time they work without the need for manual intervention.

Tanda's timesheet auto-approval means that timesheets without any variance are automatically approved, drastically cutting down the time spent manually approving each pay run.

Tanda integrates directly with Myhealth's payroll system. One-click timesheet exports enable Natasha to process payroll for 800 staff in a matter of minutes.

Efficiency for Employee Satisfaction

Improving productivity and efficiency within their workforce is directly tied to MyHealth’s commitment to its employees. A common sentiment within the practices is that despite its size, MyHealth does not feel like a large corporate setting.

It’s one of the best compliments they can get. As Natasha puts it: “Our doctors are our customers—so they’re so important to our company. We focus on the doctors and our staff, to make sure everyone is happy. It’s always a good response to hear that everyone feels involved in the company.”

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