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Maryborough Sports Club

Managers are your most valuable staff members, that’s why Maryborough Sports Club uses Tanda to cut down on admin and free up time
Maryborough Sports Club

It’s just good hospitality

The Maryborough Sports Club has been a local favorite in the Fraser Coast Region for over two decades, offering great food, events & gaming for a diverse range of patrons. General Manager Cassandra McDermott has been with the club for over 22 years and has witnessed huge industry change through her time with the sports club.

Like many local businesses, Maryborough Sports Club has grown through word of mouth, thanks to their dedication to their members and excellent service. It’s no secret that providing great hospitality for your customers takes talent, commitment and organisation, so when the club realised that managing staff and processing payroll was becoming an administrative burden, they knew something had to be done.


Maryborough Sports Club’s biggest challenges

  • Paper-based rostering and timesheets create an excessive administrative burden for managers trying to run successful shifts.
  • Publishing & swapping shifts requires a lot of time spent following up on various staff members to confirm schedules.
  • 20+ hours per week spent processing timesheets and paying staff correctly.

Efficient teams = better service

The work that managers do is so much more valuable than just writing rosters and signing off on timesheets. When the experience of your patrons is front of mind, everyone benefits, that’s exactly why Maryborough Sports Club use Tanda to cut down on admin, and get staff back to doing what’s most important.

By moving to Tanda’s cloud-based rostering & attendance platform, Cassandra and her team are able to build efficient, award-compliant rosters and publish them with the tap of a button. Clock-ins, clock-outs, breaks, and compliance warnings are all monitored live on the Tanda dashboard, making day of operations and shift execution as simple as it should be.

All up, Maryborough Sports Club saves hours per week on scheduling and managing their staff.

“Day to day I love how easy it is to use, it’s straightforward, the dashboard is amazing. I really enjoy Tanda, I never want to go back!"
Cassandra McDermott
General Manager - Maryborough Sports Club

What’s under the hood?

By using Tanda’s full suite of workforce management tools, managers at Maryborough Sports Club are able to reduce admin, engage staff and focus on delighting customers. Here are some of the club’s favourite features.

Maryborough Sports Club uses Tanda's cognitive rostering to schedule the right number of staff exactly when they need it. Templated fortnightly rosters dramatically reduce the time spent scheduling.

When changes need to be made to upcoming shifts, managers are able to make quick substitutions or offer shifts up to the wider pool of staff so they never run a shift without the right people.

Tanda integrates directly with the club's MYOB payroll system. One-click timesheet exports achieve a flawless and hassle-free pay run every time.

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