Customer story

Champions IGA Bendigo

Champions IGA cut their payroll processing time in half by adopting Tanda, making managing their growing suite of stores far easier.

Optimising Operations with Champions IGA

IGA (Independent Grocers of Australia) is a buyer group of grocery stores, with each individual store owned independently. Champions IGA is one of them, and after beginning with three outlets, now operates nine stores with over 700 employees.

For their outlet in Bendigo, Victoria, it’s crucial to stay connected with their local community, by providing high quality service and produce. But staying across their staffing levels, demand and labour costs across so many locations can be challenging.

Champions implemented Tanda and hasn’t looked back, enjoying quick implementations, accurate payroll exports, and quality insights across their suite of outlets.

Seemless rollout

With Champions IGA system involved in rostering and paying over 700 employees, it was crucial that any changeover didn’t affect their operations. Having a seamless rollout has helped them focus on doing the things they should be doing – serving customers great quality produce.

For Operations Manager Harrison Zervakis, its been a great move. 

“The rollout has been seemless for us. We’ve found that store managers have been able to pick it up quite quickly, and even department managers.”

Champions IGA Biggest Challenges

  • Optimal rostering across nine stores
  • Paying over 700 employees correctly under Australian Law
  • Having visibility across different locations

Quick Information & Insights

With over nine stores, finding out exactly what was going on at each of Champions IGA locations could be a data intensive task. Now, they can gain instant insight into demand, sales, and other information. Tanda’s live insights integrates straight into over a dozen Point of Sale systems, bringing the data to life in an easy to view chart.

It allows Champions IGA to get on top of trends without having to wait for detailed analysis and data processing to show exactly what’s going on.

“Our challenges in the past before we implemented Tanda were not being able to 100% say we’re compliant. With the amount of manual processing that we faced, it was very challenging. Tanda’s certainly made it a lot easier for us to be compliant."
Simone Mann
Payroll Manager - Champions IGA Bendigo

Bringing it all together

Champions IGA has had to negotiate a complicated business environment and manage thousands of partners that work across different stores. Here’s how Tanda helps them achieve their goals:

Champions IGA has comprehensive, instant visibility into demand, sales, and staff counts across nine stores with Tanda.

Champions IGA took advantage of Tanda's simple implementation process to roll out Tanda across its network quickly and without hastles.

Tanda's managed award templates make paying staff simple, no matter how large the organisation, no matter how complex the calculation.

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