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Ethos Orthodontics

Ethos Orthodontics save 12+ hours a week processing payroll and paying staff correctly with Tanda


Ethos Orthodontics has been providing the greater Brisbane area with quality orthodontic treatment for over 40 years. With 100 staff and nine locations, they’ve grown to be one of the largest groups of their kind. While finding a registered specialist can be straightforward, it’s the attention and care given to the whole experience and commitment to their customers that set Ethos apart.

Like many growing businesses, Ethos Orthodontics are constantly looking for ways to improve and provide better services. For Business Manager Lisa Hanna, employee scheduling and payroll processing were two of the most labour intensive and burdensome processes for the business, and a problem that was quickly identified once the organisation began to grow.

“From start to finish, wages would take me about three days every fortnight,” Lisa recalled, “generally I’d spend a couple of hours each Sunday printing out and processing timesheets to get them ready for payroll that week.” This method of managing staff and processing pay was not only time consuming, but risky, as it was prone to errors, inviting the potential for staff to be under or overpaid. One of the biggest issues with a paper based system is that staff can’t easily receive updates to their schedules, and once they’ve worked those hours they need to be followed up for timesheets, as there’s no central system collecting and storing them.

Ethos Orthodontic’s biggest challenges

  • Paper-based rostering and timesheets create a large administrative burden once a company begins to grow in staff count.
  • Correcting payroll errors and paying staff correctly takes days to complete without error.
  • Managers need a fast and effective way of changing and updating rosters across the multi-site team.

“I don’t chase timesheets anymore”

For Ethos Orthodontics payroll was a huge challenge, but it didn’t have to be. When you have all the correct data you need payroll becomes a breeze, it doesn’t have to be a weekly ordeal where you hope for the best. Tanda’s rostering and attendance automatically creates all the timesheets needed  for each pay run, including all the correct rates, penalties and allowances. Comments on each shift clarify any ambiguity about the work completed, meaning Lisa and the team don’t have to follow up employees about wrong or missing information on timesheets.  From there it’s as simple as a one-click export through to MYOB for a stress free pay day. “I don’t chase timesheets anymore,” Lisa remarks, “When it comes to payroll I just do it when I do it, there is no comparison, I can’t even begin to compare the two systems”

Fast to implement, simple for staff

Where a competitor had spent up to two years unsuccessfully implementing their solution, Tanda was able to have Ethos Orthodontics completely implemented, managing staff and running payroll in just under four weeks. “In one month we had time clocks, we had payroll, we had rosters, it was just seamless,” says Lisa, “Tanda said they were going to contact me on a specific day, I had the meeting in my calendar and it was just done.” 

“I worked on the payroll side of things with Harrison from Tanda. He was fabulous… but don’t tell him that he’ll get a big head,” laughed Lisa.

“Knowing that Tanda is local and that they understood what we wanted made things very easy. To them, it seemed really logical what we were looking for, and it happened really quickly. We couldn’t be happier.”
Lisa Hanna
Business Manager - Ethos Orthodonitcs


Ethos Orthodontics is committed to delivering the best possible customer experience, and the only way to do this is by having the right people on at the right time. The team at Ethos like to keep things simple with Tanda, so they can get back to creating great experiences. Here are some of the features that have had the biggest impacts on day to day operations.

Ethos Orthodontics use Tanda's employee scheduling and automatic timesheets to keep track of hours worked and save several days a week in employee administration.

Ethos publish and amend shifts via the Tanda mobile app, keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to schedules and introducing flexibility whenever a change needs to happen.

Tanda integrates directly with the groups MYOB payroll system. One-click timesheet exports achieve a flawless and hassle-free pay run every time.

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