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Eski Group

Eski group used Tanda to digitise its operations, manage new locations, and simplify audits with Fair Work Inspectors.
eski group

Powering digital transformation with Eski Group

When Tassie farmer Karen Burbury started Eski Group in 2013, it was just a single standalone restaurant – Cataract on Paterson, in Launceston.

As the business grew, so did Eski Group’s complexity around rostering and payroll. When they took on an operations manager in 2016, he introduced Karen to Tanda, and since then, the group hasn’t looked back, using Tanda’s digital advantages to wrangle their rostering, pay staff correctly, and open up new opportunities for the business.

The group has expanded, and now operates a number of businesses, including another restaurant, Rupert & Hound, an exclusive Airbnb apartment, One Above Cataract, and two proudly locally brewed craft beers, Hound Dog Lager, and Rupert’s Raspberry Sour, employing 120 staff in total.

Promoting and highlighting Tassie produce in their cuisine is very important to Karen – she’s also a farmer. A range of the State’s delicacies can be found across the group’s restaurants – from exquisite Salmon & other fresh seafood to some of the best steak in Tasmania.

Compliance across Eski Group

As anyone who’s been audited by a Fair Work Inspector knows, it’s crucial to be able to produce accurate documentation showing your business has been compliant. In Australia, proving employees have been paid correctly is serious business. For Karen, Tanda’s record keeping and reporting features have made recent Eski Group’s audits straightforward.

“At the touch of a button I can go back and look at a staff member this time last year, or we can run hours from years ago. Record keeping is absolutely streamlined. We’ve actually just been audited. We were very thankful we had Tanda.”

Eski Group’s biggest challenges

  • Managing 120+ staff at different locations & service lines
  • Staying compliant with Australia’s complicated workplace law
  • Delivering high quality service for its customers

Staying customer focussed

In hospitality, delivering high-end customer service is crucial. Eski Group prides itself on delivering quality experiences across its restaurant, AirBnb and brewing businesses. This involves coordinating 120 staff across a range of different skills and disciplines, and it can get complicated.

Eski Group business manager Jasmine Cooper’s role is to manage the workforce so it’s in a position to deliver the best service for customers. Jasmine overseas eski’s management team across its different locations. She uses Tanda to oversee rosters and make sure their arrangements follow the law.

“Tanda streamlines the basic, nitty gritty stuff that we don’t have to think about anymore.”

Eski Group uses Tanda to automate the complex admin, and spend more time with the people who make their business tick – customers and staff.

“At the touch of a button I can go back and look at a staff member this time last year, or we can run hours from years ago. Record keeping is absolutely streamlined. We’ve actually just been audited. We were very thankful we had Tanda.”
Karen Burbury
Founder & Owner, Eski Group

Bringing it all together

Eski Group has been awarded a digital champion award. Tanda has helped with that process, and gives employees across the group the confidence that they’re doing the right thing. Here’s how Tanda helps achieve their goals:

Tanda's managed award templates make paying staff simple, no matter how large the organisation, no matter how complex the calculation.

Eski Group uses Tanda’s rosters to get staff where they need to be, keep costs under control, and deliver the best possible customer service

Tanda records Eski Group’s timesheets for the required seven years, and they can easily be shown to Fair Work Inspectors, simplifying the audit process

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