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Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s changed the way they rostered staff by adopting Tanda’s latest predictive rostering features.

Revolutionising Rosters With Domino’s

Domino’s is an iconic Australian pizza network, and the largest global franchisee brand for Domino’s in the world. The Australian operation is also the master franchisee for the Domino’s branch in New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, and six European countries. With more than 700 stores in Australia alone, optimising the network’s rostering, payroll and operations is crucial for Domino’s success.

Since selecting Tanda as their Workforce Management System in 2016, Domino’s has gone from strength to strength, taking advantage of Tanda’s flexible rostering system, payroll compliance features, and quality user experience.

The Key Challenges 

  • Managers at different outlets need to roster to meet demand and anticipate changes
  • Rosters need to have the right combinations of staff in different roles
  • As Domino’s second biggest expense, keeping labour costs under control is crucial

Creating Rosters With Speed

For Queensland-based Domino’s franchisee Daniel, the biggest advantage of using Tanda is creating high quality rosters quickly. It’s crucial that the right labour mix is in every shift, and traditionally, this could be a time consuming process.  Tanda’s rostering system allows Daniel to create accurate, quality rosters quickly, and focus on running his business instead.

"Labour is the second biggest cost in our business, so we have to get it right."
Domino's Franchisee, Queensland

Tanda’s Rostering Advantages

Tanda has many features that encompass pay compliance, onboarding, rostering and other aspects of Workforce Management. For Daniel and his team, there are three decisive rostering features that make life far easier: 

Simply being able to create a roster without hassles saves Daniel time and money. Removing manual processes like having to call employees individually for shift changes, or adjust for issues with the roster is a big advantage.

The quick service food industry is unique in that demand can change at a moment's notice. For example, on State of Origin game nights, Domino's experiences massive demand for pizza. Tanda integrates directly with point of sale systems and can create predictive rosters, helping franchisees make accurate staffing decisions, and understand trends or important demand fluctuations.

Domino's can use Tanda to keep track of store performance throughout the day, live and easily accessible on the Tanda app. Live insights can show wages as a percentage of revenue, how sales are matching up with predicted demand, meaning you'll see trends as they emerge, rather than weeks later.

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