Customer story

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s changed the way they rostered staff by adopting Tanda’s latest predictive rostering features.

Going Global With Domino’s

Tanda and Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (DPE) announced their partnership in 2016 with an agreement to implement Tanda across 700 locations in Australia and New Zealand (DPANZ). This partnership is built on a shared commitment to delivering technology and solutions for the future of modern workforces, with a focus on improving the efficiency and profitability of franchisees, as well as ensuring organisational compliance.

Today, Tanda is implemented in 835+ stores across DPANZ and is exclusively used for scheduling, time and attendance, award interpretation (per the Fast Food Modern Award) and payroll export. Tanda and DPE also share key integrations across a number of internal and external platforms, exchanging POS, BI and payroll data points in real time.

The Key Challenges 

  • Managers at different outlets need to roster to meet demand and anticipate changes
  • Rosters need to have the right combinations of staff in different roles
  • As Domino’s second biggest expense, keeping labour costs under control is crucial

Expanding Markets

In 2017, following a successful rollout across Australia and New Zealand, Domino’s Germany (DPDE) became the first international market to partner with Tanda. DPDE leveraged existing infrastructure but worked with Domino’s Australia and Tanda to adapt and localise where needed, including meeting all relevant GDPR requirements.

During implementation, Tanda worked on the ground with ops and innovation teams in Germany to ensure the platform, as well as all training and support models were appropriate to meet the working practices of franchisees in the German market. Within six months of commencing the initial pilot in Germany, Domino’s Netherlands (DPNL), Domino’s France (DPFR) and Domino’s Belgium (DPBE) also joined the broader DPE partnership and finished implementation by late 2018.

"Labour is the second biggest cost in our business, so we have to get it right."
Domino's Franchisee, Queensland


Domino’s is more than a customer, they’re a Tanda partner who we work with to solve new problems, and have open conversations that allow us to harness and deliver the best solutions.

This means Domino’s can understand Tanda’s product strategy and can be involved throughout the problem shaping and development process, as well as ultise Tanda expertise to design and implement their own strategic projects.

Since implementing the Fast Food Modern Award in 2018 for example, DPANZ has worked in partnership with Tanda to deliver innovative solutions which digitise and streamline the management of part-time employees. These solutions not only reduce the complexity for franchisees but increase the transparency for employees and build organisational strength across the full workforce management toolset Tanda provides.

Tanda makes this same commitment to all of its strategic customers. Tanda staffs its account management teams with the best in the business, working in partnership with key customers to ensure that Tanda runs at peak performance.

Tanda’s Rostering Advantages

Tanda has many features that encompass pay compliance, onboarding, rostering and other aspects of Workforce Management. For Daniel and his team, there are three decisive rostering features that make life far easier: 

Simply being able to create a roster without hassles saves Daniel time and money. Removing manual processes like having to call employees individually for shift changes, or adjust for issues with the roster is a big advantage.

The quick service food industry is unique in that demand can change at a moment's notice. For example, on State of Origin game nights, Domino's experiences massive demand for pizza. Tanda integrates directly with point of sale systems and can create predictive rosters, helping franchisees make accurate staffing decisions, and understand trends or important demand fluctuations.

Domino's can use Tanda to keep track of store performance throughout the day, live and easily accessible on the Tanda app. Live insights can show wages as a percentage of revenue, how sales are matching up with predicted demand, meaning you'll see trends as they emerge, rather than weeks later.

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