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Care Agency Services

Care Agency slashed their onboarding time by 94% while delivering qualified aged care professionals to some of the biggest not-for-profit clients in Australia
Care Agency

About Care Agency

Care Agency Services delivers high quality, qualified aged care professionals to some of the biggest not-for-profit clients in Australia. Care Agency uses Tanda to onboard, roster, and record attendance, so they can provide fast, timely service every single time.

At Care Agency, the recruitment team is tasked with onboarding hundreds of staff members each year. Because they work with some of the largest healthcare organisations in Australia, they need a system that can keep up with them as they scale.

The biggest opportunities for Care Agency

  • Legacy onboarding processes are labour intensive and prone to errors.
  • Manual data entry between onboarding and payroll poses a significant compliance risk. 
  • Paper tax file number declaration forms are time-consuming and prone to error, and will only fail once the ATO has rejected the submission. 

The Challenge

The clearest opportunity was in improving Care Agency’s onboarding process.

Effective onboarding improves the bottom line. For some, the struggles come with the time it takes to complete everything. Care Agency Services were able to pinpoint their effort: according to HR and Recruitment Manager Chris Gleadhill, their onboarding process was “involved.”

Chris had used Tanda before in a previous role and recalled its “functional, easy-to-use” features. He reached out and proposed the idea to use it for Care Agency Services as well. After implementation, Tanda’s paperless onboarding features brought the time it took for onboarding new employees down from 30 minutes to just 2 minutes.

“Tanda has the same capabilities regardless of scale. It’s simple, streamlined, and all digital. We don’t need to wait for the post, or handle too many components to get the job done.”
Chris Gleadhill
HR and Recruitment Manager - Care Agency Services

The Results

94% Reduction in time spent onboarding

Tanda’s digital onboarding tools streamlined the onboarding process and cut its time from 30 minutes to 2 minutes once implemented.

Scalable software for all stages of growth

Tanda’s simplicity and ease of use meant it could scale alongside the organisation. Care Agency saved two salaried positions while increasing clients and carers.

Not only has Care Agency Services decreased onboarding times, they’ve also improved the employee experience. Here are a few of the features that enable Care Agency to thrive. 

Tanda’s digital onboarding sends new employees an online form that they complete themselves, saving enormous amounts of manpower in the process. Employees are automatically created in Tanda and in the payroll system (MYOB) from the form details.

Tanda's rostering streamlines the shift allocation process to keep response time within five minutes of client enquiry.

Tanda's award templates ensure accurate pay through custom award rules, allowances, and pay rates that seamlessly integrate with payroll software.

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