Customer story

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.

Betty’s Burgers adopt a best of breed approach to their software stack, achieving amazing outcomes for their teams nationwide

Stamping out admin with Betty’s Burgers

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. are a classic 1950’s inspired Australian burger shack and local success story, having grown to 41 locations and over 1500 staff since their founding in 2014. Betty’s rapid growth is largely thanks to its commitment to fantastic food and exceptional service, a mission that finds its origin in the groups friendly and committed staff.

Managing a workforce at scale comes with it’s own unique challenges, as Betty’s Burgers management quickly found before transitioning their workforce management to Tanda. “Our biggest problem before introducing the platform was the fact that a lot of our systems weren’t integrated.” says National Training Manager Ebony Harty. “There’s a lof of double and triple handling (of data) for our teams.”

The key challenges of a nationwide operation

  • Managers need the right data to make the right decisions, to do this all the systems in the business need to talk to each other flawlessly.
  • Schedules need to anticipate change if they’re going to function at scale.
  • Manually verifying timesheets for 1500 staff each fortnight simply isn’t feasible.

A system that staff actually use

Even the best applications in the world only work when employees use them to their full potential. That’s why ease of use is such an important criterion for the team at Betty’s. Tanda is designed so that any employee can receive an onboarding invitation and start receiving shifts in a matter of minutes. Casual staff can apply for a period of unavailability and accept shifts offered up for auction by managers with ease. The entire system is designed to facilitate simple and effective management of your organisations most important assets, your people. 

“Tanda is the most user friendly out of all the platforms we’ve reviewed.”
Ebony Harty
National Training Manager - Betty's Burgers

The secret ingredients

There many ingredients that go into making Betty’s Burgers one of Australia’s favourite burger joints. The food, the staff, the distinctively decorated shopfronts, even the point of sale and payroll systems, all play a part in helping businesses like Betty’s Burgers grow from your local burger spot to a national favourite. Here are just a few of the things Tanda does to help achieve these goals. 

Tanda's extensive point of sale and payroll integrations enable Betty's Burgers to schedule against key sales and labour metrics.

Betty's Burgers use Tanda to ensure that their 1500 staff know exactly when and where they need to be, recording all the details they need to process payroll flawlessly.

Tanda's managed award templates make paying staff simple, no matter how large the organisation, no matter how complex the calculation.

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