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Tanda’s free trial gives you complete access to Tanda – no credit card required. See how easy it is to build schedules, view and approve timesheets, and manage leave & unavailability. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

Once you’re ready to use Tanda, one of our experienced implementation consultants will help you setup your account and payment preferences. Not ready to go ahead yet? No worries – your invoices, expenses and other data will be stored securely in case you decide to continue.

Tanda is completely cloud-based, which means there’s no clunky software to install or updates to manage. Simply login to your Tanda account through a web browser to access your dashboard, shifts, timesheets and reporting data.

Tanda’s time clock app can be easily downloaded from the iTunes App Store for iOS devices, Google Play for Android. 

Each SMS costs 3.5 cents ($0.035). You can send weekly SMS schedules to your staff and even send optional custom messages about shift changes or newly available shifts.

We have a list of free add-ons that integrate Tanda with a variety of different platforms including popular payroll platforms. Otherwise you can integrate via our open API to connect additional systems. If there is an add-on that you would really love to use with Tanda, email us at

Tanda customers are commonly billed monthly, by credit card. This is based on the number of active employees at the time of billing. Call 1300 859 117 to get in touch for more details or have specific questions about our billing options.

An active employee is one that is currently working for your business and has a profile in your Tanda account. If an employee leaves, or won’t be working for a period of time, you can deactivate them without losing their profile and reactivate them if or when they come back. This means your monthly charge can often change throughout the year.

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