Keep your work communication off social media and in Tanda

Communicating with your staff in real-time keeps everyone up to date, engaged and on the same page. Send important updates about shifts, team announcements or celebrate staff milestones in the Tanda messenger.


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Send messages to individuals or announcements to entire teams at once


Share files or images like training docs, or new policies


Communicate with other managers in the business right from within Tanda

Create an engaged workforce

Share key updates staff should know, celebrate milestones like staff birthdays or work anniversaries. Make everyone feel part of the team.


Celebrate wins with the team

Call out great work for the entire team to celebrate. Highlighting someone’s individual performance shows the entire team how to be successful and challenges them to do the same.

One-to-one feedback delivered in private

Communicate one on one with your staff, give them feedback so they understand how to improve. Develop strong relationships with staff and motivate them to do their best work.


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