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"Combining the Albert device and Tanda allows us to have an all in one solution for our time and attendance, and payment system. It gives us greater flexibility for employees to clock in wherever they take Albert."
- Perry Canning, Botanic Bar Manager

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Working in partnership with CommBank’s market leading EFTPOS Tablet, Albert, Tanda brings your workforce management together on 1 device.

Eliminate Time Theft

Tanda’s Time Clock App for Albert accurately records and tracks staff attendance, syncing directly to your Tanda account and timesheets. Smart timesheet rounding, ensures that you’re only paying staff for the hours they actually worked.

No paper timesheets

Tanda for Albert allows you to easily access your workforce tools from one secure device. Staff can clock in and out from Albert, eliminating the need for multiple devices and old paper timesheets.

Compliance Comfort

Tanda provides oversight and adjustable governance capability with one powerful, easy to use system. Head Office have the ability to set and lock wage rules (Award/ EA) for all sites. All Fair Work auditable records are stored securely for 7+ years.

Designed for any workforce with 15+ hourly employees, Tanda’s Time Clock App for Albert is the easiest way to accurately track and record staff attendance, automate timesheets and payroll processing to streamline your workforce.

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How Tanda works with Albert


Build your roster

Build detailed rosters based on locations & teams in minutes with Tanda’s simple online rostering tool.

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Send shifts to your staff

Send your roster to staff via SMS (and/or email) to save them the hassle of making a special trip in to check the roster.

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Clock in

Employees clock in and out for their rostered shifts at work on the Albert device using a PIN code.


Automate timesheets

When staff clock in, the exact time they worked gets updated in Tanda - or you can set it to round to their rostered shift.


Pay staff correctly

Your payroll processing time in your payroll software will be significantly reduced with Tanda’s seamless accounting integration.

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Commonwealth Bank Albert App

Businesses that use Tanda & Albert together, get the most from their workforce.

  • Track staff time and attendance to the minute, as it happens
  • Use financial data to optimise your roster and payroll
  • Integrate with your payroll software
  • Manage leave, timesheets and rosters in one place
  • Delegate to your team
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"All-in-one solution for our time & attendance and payments!"

"We have many different locations and businesses across the organisation, and using the Albert with Tanda gives us a great flexible way to manage all situations with our payments system, and time and attendance."

David McCraken
General Manager

"Tanda has enabled us to eliminate time theft, which by year's end saves us thousands."

Perry Canning
Botanic Bar Manager

How much is time theft costing your business?

Using an electronic Time & Attendance system like Tanda for Albert, is the easiest way to track and reduce time theft costs, ensuring that staff are paid correctly for the time they work. Tanda assists business owners to focus on revenue raising activities to grow their business success.

The clever EFTPOS tablet from CommBank
Tanda Customer Success

Tanda for Albert

Simple Clock In/Out

Tanda for Albert provides one easy to access location for staff to clock in and out for shifts, and electronically record data.

PIN Security

Eliminate illegible paper timesheets, with Tanda’s PIN code security. Electronically record each employee’s attendance securely and accurately.

Automatic Timesheets

Generate timesheets automatically from staff attendance data, recorded through the Tanda Time Clock App for Albert.

Unlimited Staff & Locations

Tanda gives you better oversight and insight into your workforce, helping you to track and manage all staff across multiple locations.

One source of truth

Tanda for Albert provides an all-in-one device to help business owners manage their workforce, process payments and perform additional business services.

Tanda & Albert, helping businesses grow.

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