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Introducing the Tanda mobile app!

5 February, 2018 Renée Mellish

  Tanda now has a mobile app, this means your employees have one simple location where they can see exactly when they are working and also let their managers know when they are unavailable or would like to file for leave. What your staff can do right now with the app As of now, your […]

Feature Alert: Unavailability Notifications Are Live!

12 January, 2018 wpengine

Introducing unavailability emails Tanda users, you have spoken, and we have listened! Introducing, unavailability notifications! Let’s face it, managing casuals can be tricky at times. Having flexible working hours is a huge advantage for some, but for managers, it can be tough aligning your rosters with changing staff schedules. This is why we are now […]

Daily timesheets: new look, improved functionality and more!

1 December, 2017 Renée Mellish

We’re excited to announce a redesign for the daily timesheet page that will mean you can check, approve and manage your timesheets much more effectively. Click to see a full sized image. In the coming weeks, daily timesheets will be updated to an improved design including a number of new features: Improved page filters: You […]

Why Employees Love Tanda Workforce Success Software

18 October, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Plenty of companies are using workforce management software to help them become more efficient and productive. But how can the same software help improve the lives of the team, the most valuable part of the business? We created Tanda with the whole team in mind, that means both employer and employee. Here are some of […]

What actually happens at a Tanda Hackathon?

28 September, 2017 Alex Ghiculescu

Every year we run a Tanda hackathon. Actually, that’s a lie — this year we’ve already done one in Manila, but we’re now gearing up for our Brisbane one, which should be even bigger. Anyway, an integral part of organising a hackathon is people asking you what actually happens at one. In this post, I will answer that […]

Things I Learned at our First Tanda Hackathon in Manila

4 August, 2017 Alex Ghiculescu

On 28th-29th July, we hosted our third ever Tanda Hackathon — our first at our Manila office. Coming into a different country with a different culture, I wasn’t sure how well our famous “Biggest Hackathon in Brisbane” would translate. This is the story of how I went from nervous to ecstatic in a span of […]

5 Employee Onboarding Tips

26 July, 2017 Enrique Estagle

New employees can come in on a daily basis. That is why it can be stressful for HR managers to welcome new staff on board and get them off and running on their first day. Here are five things to remember whenever you’re onboarding a new team member. Set Everything Up for Them New employees […]

Tanda Time Clock Now Available for the iPhone

20 July, 2017 Enrique Estagle

We at Tanda wanna let you know that our time clock application is now available for the iPhone. This new version adds on our existing Android, iPad, and desktop time clocks. And just like those, this has the same set of features. It lets staff clock in with their unique PIN and a selfie. The […]

You Can Now Copy Rosters at Tanda

8 June, 2017 Enrique Estagle

We created Tanda with the goal of simplifying the way you make your business’ weekly rosters. From pen-and-paper or Excel spreadsheets, Tanda’s rostering software lets you build rosters quickly and accurately. It lets you drag and drop shifts to your pre-set templated rosters. It also lets you see how much your roster is going to […]

Tanda Time Clock Now Available for the Desktop

7 June, 2017 Enrique Estagle

We at Tanda are pleased to announce that our time clock application is now available to download for Windows and macOS devices. Starting today, employees can have the same experience they’ve always enjoyed with the tablet version of our employee time clock, but now on the desktop. It accurately records employee attendance and compares it […]

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