Tanda Blog: Product Updates

Introducing the time off daily digest email

20 April, 2018 Renée Mellish

Introducing the time off daily digest email Keeping track of when your staff can’t work is crucial, particularly to make sure your business won’t be understaffed on any given day. At the moment you likely have casual staff entering the times they can’t work via unavailability and part-time / full-time staff requesting time off via […]

Announcing our plans for Tanda time Off

17 April, 2018 Renée Mellish

Announcing our plans for Tanda Time Off We are combining the best bits of our existing unavailability + leave features to bring you the new and improved Tanda Time Off. This post lists the features we have planned to improve how you manage staff time off.  — One of the most important factors in running a […]

New: Set leave types to automatically approve

16 April, 2018 Renée Mellish

New: Control whether leave requires approval or not We understand that there are circumstances where managers want to be notified of staff time off but don’t necessarily need or want to approve / decline it. For example school or university times where staff really don’t have much control or choice over. With the addition of […]

Feature Improvements: Unavailability for your staff

27 February, 2018 Monic Del Rosario

We heard you. Based on lots of customer feedback, we’ve recently made a number of improvements on how unavailability works in our rostering software so that our clients can take full advantage of this feature. Receiving unavailability updates via email Now, managers and admins will receive email notifications with all the new or updated unavailability […]

Adding unavailability just got way simpler!

20 February, 2018 Monic Del Rosario

The new Tanda Mobile App is really starting to take off with over 5,000 new users in the last month. On the back of some customer feedback, we have added our most requested feature, the option to enter unavailability in the app. Native Mobile Experience for Employees Employees have always been able to enter the […]

Introducing the Tanda mobile app!

5 February, 2018 Renée Mellish

  Tanda now has a mobile app, this means your employees have one simple location where they can see exactly when they are working and also let their managers know when they are unavailable or would like to file for leave. What your staff can do right now with the app As of now, your […]

Feature Alert: Unavailability Notifications Are Live!

12 January, 2018 Dominique Tuck

Introducing unavailability emails Tanda users, you have spoken, and we have listened! Introducing, unavailability notifications! Let’s face it, managing casuals can be tricky at times. Having flexible working hours is a huge advantage for some, but for managers, it can be tough aligning your rosters with changing staff schedules. This is why we are now […]

Daily timesheets: New look, improved functionality and more!

1 December, 2017 Renée Mellish

We’re excited to announce a redesign for the daily timesheet page that will mean you can check, approve and manage your timesheets much more effectively. Click to see a full sized image. In the coming weeks, daily timesheets will be updated to an improved design including a number of new features: Improved page filters: You […]

Why Employees Love Tanda Workforce Success Software

18 October, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Plenty of companies are using workforce management software to help them become more efficient and productive. But how can the same software help improve the lives of the team, the most valuable part of the business? We created Tanda with the whole team in mind, that means both employer and employee. Here are some of […]

Build a Great Roster with Tanda’s Weekly Planner

22 September, 2017 Alex Ghiculescu

The perfect schedule isn’t just a random collection of shifts based on who can work. It’s a data-driven process, based on projected sales and the productivity metrics you expect to help. That’s why we’ve been making improvements to costing data throughout Tanda — to make this information more accessible to you when you need it. […]