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Desktop-Based or Cloud-Based Payroll Software?

26 September, 2017 Enrique Estagle

In today’s rapidly-changing business world, the question is not whether or not you should get a payroll software solution for your business. Rather, it’s what type you should get. Before getting into too much detail, the first question you should ask is whether you should get a desktop-based or a cloud-based payroll software. And understanding […]

What You Need to Look for in Payroll Software

22 September, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Payroll software takes away the hassles of manual calculation of each employee’s pay. It drastically cuts down processing time and errors, which means that your staff always get paid for the right amount at the right time. A quick Google search for “payroll software” shows that there are tons to choose from. But what exactly […]

How to be compliant for Single Touch Payroll

5 June, 2017 Phil Johnson

The new Federal Government initiative of Single Touch Payroll will aim to streamline business reporting obligations regarding certain taxes and wage information. Legislated on the 16 September 2016 under the Budget Savings (Omnibus) Act 2016, Single Touch Payroll (STP) will become mandatory July 1 2018, for employers with 20 or more employees. Single Touch Payroll […]

Accounting Firm Liable for Client’s Underpayment

9 May, 2017 Phil Johnson

In a landmark precedent, the Federal Circuit Court has held an Accountancy Firm liable for a client’s employee underpayments, in a decision that’s putting accountants, bookkeepers and advisors on edge. While the primary responsibility for wage compliance still rests with the employer, the onus for advisors to step up and accept the responsibility is growing. […]

Young Accounting Professionals Survey

19 March, 2017 Josh Cameron

CPA Australia recently released a 16-page document which explained the board’s investment in “The Naked CEO” brand: “supports our strategy to attract new members, primarily in the youth market.” The document goes on to say that building personalised brand relevance with young audiences, via platforms they use helps to attract new members, creating a healthy […]

Are you an ‘Uber Accountant’?

1 March, 2017 Phil Johnson

Gus Balbontin, Former Executive Director and CTO of Lonely Planet, opened MYOB Incite 2017 by posing the idea that there are two types of accountants. The first, and most successful accountant, embraces change. When customers move in a different direction, they are already two steps ahead and ready to capitalise. These accountants are the ‘Ubers’ […]

MYOB Fastest Growing Add-On of the Year 2016 – Tanda

26 September, 2016 Brianna O'Regan

Tanda was just named MYOB’s Fastest Growing Add-On of the Year for 2016. This is the first time the award has been conferred and is the first of its kind in Australia, marking an incredible milestone and achievement for Tanda. When I first joined Tanda in 2013, we were just a small team in a […]

Tanda brings time clocks and timesheets to Attaché

13 May, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

TandaHQ is pleased to announce not only are we integrated with MYOB and Xero to name a few – but we’ve just integrated with Attaché! What do you mean, you’re integrated now? you might ask. Well, for starters now we can export time sheet data in a way that their payroll software can import. This makes Tanda […]

Triumph for Tanda clients – and here’s the proof

1 May, 2015 Jake Phillpot

Tanda works to help your business succeed by taking the dramas and expense of time and attendance out of your equation. That’s why we love to celebrate when we see our clients are doing so well. Brisbane-based company The Print Bar has been with us for a long time now and came to us with […]

Bendigo … Isn’t there a bank there?

3 February, 2014 Jake Phillpot

Welcome to Bendigo. It’s here that, in 1851, the discovery of gold set the town’s future as a prominent Australian boomtown. And it’s here that, this week, the Tanda crew arrived for the Xero Roadshow’s first day. We didnt find any gold. But we did discover a lot more about Australia’s most historically significant finance […]