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What actually happens at a Tanda Hackathon?

28 September, 2017 Alex Ghiculescu

Every year we run a Tanda hackathon. Actually, that’s a lie — this year we’ve already done one in Manila, but we’re now gearing up for our Brisbane one, which should be even bigger. Anyway, an integral part of organising a hackathon is people asking you what actually happens at one. In this post, I will answer that […]

Things I Learned at our First Tanda Hackathon in Manila

4 August, 2017 Alex Ghiculescu

On 28th-29th July, we hosted our third ever Tanda Hackathon — our first at our Manila office. Coming into a different country with a different culture, I wasn’t sure how well our famous “Biggest Hackathon in Brisbane” would translate. This is the story of how I went from nervous to ecstatic in a span of […]

Australian Minimum Wage Update 2017

6 June, 2017 Katrina Marquez

It’s been a big year for Australian employers, with changes to penalty rates, compliance crack downs by Fair Work, and shake ups in the world of big business Enterprise Agreements. As the End of Financial Year quickly approaches business owners and employers need to start thinking about minimum wage updates and staff pay rates for […]

Fair Work Announces Penalty Rates Transitional Arrangements

5 June, 2017 Katrina Marquez

Today the Fair Work Commission has released its decision regarding the Transitional Arrangements to the changes in penalty rates. On February 23 2017, the Fair Work Commission released its decision to amend Sunday and Public Holiday penalty rates in a number of Modern Awards. Sunday Penalty Rate Changes Sunday penalty rates will be reduced to […]

How to be compliant for Single Touch Payroll

5 June, 2017 Phil Johnson

The new Federal Government initiative of Single Touch Payroll will aim to streamline business reporting obligations regarding certain taxes and wage information. Legislated on the 16 September 2016 under the Budget Savings (Omnibus) Act 2016, Single Touch Payroll (STP) will become mandatory July 1 2018, for employers with 20 or more employees. Single Touch Payroll […]

Tanda announces Global Partnership with AEVI

29 May, 2017 Bridget Mahon

Tanda has announced a partnership with international technology company AEVI. The partnership will bring Tanda’s market leading workforce management solution to AEVI’s Global Marketplace for smart Point of Sale (SmartPOS) devices. This will revolutionise how merchants and business owners run and manage their business. Australia has some of the most complicated labour laws in the […]

What is Single Touch Payroll?

18 May, 2017 Phil Johnson

Single Touch Payroll is a Federal Government initiative aimed at streamlining business reporting obligations regarding certain taxes and wage information. Often referred to as Single Touch Payroll, or Single Touch Payroll Reporting (STPR), it was legislated on the September 16 2016, under the Budget Savings (Omnibus) Act 2016. Under the legislation, employers will be required […]

Accounting Firm Liable for Client’s Underpayment

9 May, 2017 Phil Johnson

In a landmark precedent, the Federal Circuit Court has held an Accountancy Firm liable for a client’s employee underpayments, in a decision that’s putting accountants, bookkeepers and advisors on edge. While the primary responsibility for wage compliance still rests with the employer, the onus for advisors to step up and accept the responsibility is growing. […]

Easter Penalty Rates for 2017

11 April, 2017 Katrina Marquez

Easter may be just around the corner, however for many businesses it marks the start of the dreaded public holiday period. Commencing on Friday 14th April, 2017 (Easter Good Friday), businesses in Queensland will see a total of six public holidays in the next 18 days. Such a phenomenon hasn’t occurred in over a decade, […]

Public Service Announcement: Fair Work Crackdown

2 March, 2017 Katrina Marquez

The recent spate of Fair Work crackdowns has increased concern for small business owners, as the severity and prevalence of non-compliance and underpayment continues to increase. Fair Work recently imposed a $143,000 penalty against a Brisbane Business Owner and his former internal Payroll and Account Manager, after it was uncovered that they had deliberately underpaid […]

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