Tanda Blog: Feature Updates

New rostering features allows you to get visual with pay rates

4 December, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

This week at Tanda, we’ve launched some exciting new features to give businesses a complete visual breakdown on different pay rates that are applying on the roster. This is a game changer in allowing managers to easily build a fully costed, compliant and optimised work roster. Making it easier to understand the cost of a […]

Easily get labour budgets under control

9 November, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

Budgeting is essential to keeping on top of out of control costs in any business. At its heart it’s a simple technique – plan out much you’ll spend in each aspect of your business over a specific time period. Then, when that time period – for example, the next month – is finished, look back […]

New weather feature for Tanda Rosters

27 August, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

If your business is often affected by weather conditions, wouldn’t it be great if you could roster your staff based on whether it’s sunny or raining next week? Now you can! Tanda has just integrated a 16-day weather feed into its new rostering platform. This new feature helps improve the decision process for rostering managers, […]

Coming to a calendar near you…

7 July, 2015 Nick Burge

Today we’re releasing some new features driven by open data, designed to make staff management in the enterprise simpler and more flexible. Tanda users are now able to export or subscribe to calendars of staff leave, rosters, and birthday, in the open iCalendar format. This format works with any computer or mobile device and doesn’t […]

Flexible Features have arrived at Tanda

29 April, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

Time to spread the news that Tanda has some exciting new features in a cache of innovative software products. Existing Tanda customers, which is likely a lot of you reading this, may have already had a chance to play with some of them. But if you haven’t seen the full showcase this article is here […]

New Feature! Leave Tracking Module

28 September, 2013 Alex Ghiculescu

Our long awaited leave tracking module is now live. Check out the user guide to learn how Tanda (PayAus) can help you track those times when your staff don’t work.

New from Tanda: Roster Taggings

21 August, 2013 Alex Ghiculescu

Ever wanted to add a location to a shift in a Tanda (PayAus) roster? Maybe you want to tag shifts for newbies, experienced staff, and managers. We’re super pleased to have rolled out our new roster tagging system. Using roster tags, you’re able to set up a set of colour codings that correspond to tags […]

Sneaky New Feature: Get an SMS When Someone Arrives at Work

7 April, 2013 Alex Ghiculescu

We’ve all met Dave. Dave is “always on time” and “never calls in sick”, except when he knows his manager won’t be in the office and thus won’t be able to check on him. What can you do about Dave? Tanda (PayAus) can now send you an SMS when Dave clocks in to work! The […]

New From Tanda: Daily Roll Calls

10 March, 2013 Jake Phillpot

It’s 10:15 in the morning. Your weekly all hands meeting starts at 10:30, and you need a list of people who won’t be there. What do you do? If you don’t use Tanda (PayAus), maybe you’re lucky and have another system in place where staff clock in when they get to work. Chances are, it’s […]

Text Me Maybe: Share Your Rosters by SMS!

2 March, 2013 Jake Phillpot

Tanda’s (PayAus) roster management tools just got even more powerful, with the ability to send your staff their rosters by SMS, instantly. No more printing rosters out and making sure they don’t get lost, or trampled on, or wet. No more casuals calling up during the busiest time of the day to ask when their […]