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What is the Contingent Workforce and how can you leverage it in your business?

8 May, 2018 Phil Johnson

Phil caught up with the team at Sidekicker to learn more about how the contingent workforce is shaping successful workforces of the future. When we think of the contingent or temp workforce, we imagine the young Christmas casual or the temp that fills in at reception. These caricatures don’t inspire visions of influence and power […]

Drop out of school if you want to get ahead

11 April, 2018 Phil Johnson

If you’re looking to validate your opinion on this matter with a “Steve Jobs dropped out and he was successful” conclusion this is not your article.

Easter Penalty Rates for 2018

23 March, 2018 Monic Del Rosario

Wondering what penalty rates apply to your staff this Easter? We’ve got your back. According to Fair Work, these are the 2018 public holidays that apply to states and territories: QLD has declared Easter Sunday as a public holiday since 2016. “Declaring Easter Sunday as a public holiday recognises its religious and cultural significance and […]

Productive Workforces Build Profitable Restaurants

30 November, 2017 Phil Johnson

Phil from Tanda caught up with Ken Burgin, restaurant industry veteran and consultant, to find out how restaurant managers are using data insights to make better staffing decisions.  Ken is the founder of Profitable Hospitality, a resource for the latest information on food & beverage marketing, management and cost-control, which sold to Silver Chef in […]

Your Guide to Parental Leave Laws

13 November, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Today we’re going to take a closer look at how Australia, the UK, and the US implement maternity and paternity leave. Australia Parental Leave According to the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman website, employees are entitled to 12 months of unpaid parental leave when they or their spouse or partner gives birth. Regular employees are qualified […]

Top 3 Leave Management Problems of Businesses

17 October, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Employees do take time off work. That is why leave management is an important part of the business. It’s a tricky process regardless if you have five people or five hundred people on your team. This is especially true if you’re still using old-school methods such as using paper forms or Excel spreadsheets for leave […]

Desktop-Based or Cloud-Based Payroll Software?

26 September, 2017 Enrique Estagle

In today’s rapidly-changing business world, the question is not whether or not you should get a payroll software solution for your business. Rather, it’s what type you should get. Before getting into too much detail, the first question you should ask is whether you should get a desktop-based or a cloud-based payroll software. And understanding […]

The Three I’s of Data-Driven Workforce Management

7 September, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Data is the foundation of today’s digital revolution. Because of it, we are able to hail rides through a smartphone, find out what our friends are up to on a daily basis, and access content at any time of the day. This revolution is also making waves in the field of workforce management. Through the […]

Not sure how to set your restaurant’s roster? Just follow your customer.

23 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Chart your customer journey across your restaurant, then build your weekly shift schedule accordingly.

4 Helpful Tips for Your Restaurant Interior Design This 2018

4 Helpful Tips for Your Restaurant Interior Design This 2018

22 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Your restaurant interior design shouldn’t be an afterthought, and should be designed in a way that will drive more profit to your business. But how? To help you get started, here are four helpful tips to remember when designing and constructing your next restaurant. Size Matters Constructing your next restaurant starts with looking at the […]

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