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Things I Learned at our First Tanda Hackathon in Manila

4 August, 2017 Alex Ghiculescu

On 28th-29th July, we hosted our third ever Tanda Hackathon — our first at our Manila office. Coming into a different country with a different culture, I wasn’t sure how well our famous “Biggest Hackathon in Brisbane” would translate. This is the story of how I went from nervous to ecstatic in a span of […]

Innovating the next generation through technology

23 November, 2016 Tasmin Trezise

Recently I attended and presented at The 2nd Collegiate Way International Conference in Canberra. The Conference brings together collegiate communities from across the globe to explore the role and responsibility university residences have in shaping the future generation. Technology is one aspect that is playing a major role in shaping the next generation, in terms of […]

Embracing Smart Tech for Franchise Success

10 October, 2016 Tasmin Trezise

The Australian franchise space is embracing technology to become more heavily engaged with their consumers, strengthening their brand and relationships with customers. However, issues such as compliance, brand reputation and franchisor oversight are becoming more regulated, franchisors must be proactive in protecting their brand reputation and mitigating potential risks. Best practice franchisors are embracing smart […]

Brisbane’s Largest Hackathon of 2016

8 June, 2016 Alex Ghiculescu

We survived Brisbane’s largest Hackathon for yet another year! Over 150 of Brisbane’s best student designers and developers came along, more than double last year. I think it was the promise of a keg that did it. This year’s theme was APIs, in celebration of the one we just built. Despite a few teams trying quite hard to take […]

Hackathons and Selfie comps – a typical Tanda weekend

25 April, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

This article is about the 2015 event. Go to hack.tanda.co for 2016’s event details! From selfie competitions to interesting discoveries – TandaHQ was buzzing with a crowd of people at last weekend’s official Hackathon. After being featured at Business Acumen magazine, and interviewed on ABC Radio it seems web designers, developers and programmers flocked to […]

Different habits of male and female employees

23 April, 2015 Nick Burge

Women get to work on average a minute earlier than their male colleagues, though men stay back an average of five minutes more at the end of the day, according to new insights from Tanda… Continue to read the full story here. This article is about the 2015 event. Go to hack.tanda.co for 2016’s event […]

Tanda Open Data Hackathon this weekend! – 17th & 18th April

15 April, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

This article is about the 2015 event. Go to hack.tanda.co for 2016’s event details! The Tanda Open Data Hackathon is upon us! Programmers, designers and developers are flocking to Brisbane for Tanda’s first Open Data Hackathon. In a digital era where everything is reachable from the click of a button, it’s no surprise there are now […]

Tanda exhibiting at CeBIT!

2 April, 2014 Jake Phillpot

We’re excited to exhibit at CeBIT! Come along to CeBIT Startup and learn about Tasmin’s life ambition of being a T&A expert.

Bendigo … Isn’t there a bank there?

3 February, 2014 Jake Phillpot

Welcome to Bendigo. It’s here that, in 1851, the discovery of gold set the town’s future as a prominent Australian boomtown. And it’s here that, this week, the Tanda crew arrived for the Xero Roadshow’s first day. We didnt find any gold. But we did discover a lot more about Australia’s most historically significant finance […]

Tanda “Clocks In” to the Xero Roadshow!

30 January, 2014 Tasmin Trezise

Xero is hitting the road in February, taking their team of cloud accounting experts on the road to answer your questions. We’ve been invited along and are looking forward to catching up with our existing partners as well as meeting plenty of new ones across the country. Using Xero’s API we are helping businesses (and […]