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New upgrades to Tanda leave management

28 April, 2016 Renée Mellish

Keeping track of multiple leave requests for your staff can be tricky, but with Tanda’s new leave management upgrade it’s simple. Watch the video below to see how it works… On May 9th 2016 we will be releasing a big upgrade to the way you can manage staff leave in Tanda. These updates will make […]


Big upcoming leave management upgrade

3 March, 2016 Renée Mellish

We’re working on some big improvements to the Tanda leave management module we thought you might like to hear about. After a lot of feedback from our customers, we’ve found three reasons to build a fully fledged leave management module. Leave is universal. All permanent staff take leave. It’s a core, but often poorly managed, […]


Sunday penalty rates: what’s really happening?

4 January, 2016 Jake Phillpot

The national debate on penalty rates is quickly shaping up to become a defining issue of the Turnbull government and the next Federal election. The debate on penalty rates cuts straight to the bone of modern political disagreement and draws a line straight down one of the most fundamental differentiators of right wing vs. left […]

Punctuality? Challenge accepted!

18 December, 2015 Jake Phillpot

Tanda is taking punctuality to a whole new level with our Employee Attendance Reports and challenged employees this month to up their game. This was all in celebration of the anniversary of the Time Clock where we had a Bundaberg Rum giveaway prize to the lucky winner. Congratulations Liz from Clement Coffee in Victoria, Melbourne for being […]


Greens MP introduces franchise wages bill

17 November, 2015 Jake Phillpot

A new bill called the Fair Work Amendment (Recovery of Unpaid Amounts for Franchisee Employees) Bill 2015 was introduced to Parliament last week. The bill, sponsored by Melbourne Greens MP Adam Bandt, is a direct response to the recent 7-Eleven saga, in which the Fair Work Ombudsman has already found over $600,000 in underpaid wages […]


Australian businesses suffer from Absenteeism

6 August, 2015 Nick Burge

Definition: Absenteeism is the practice of regularly staying away from work without good reason. Everyone is guilty of absenteeism at least some point in their lives. But how do you know when absenteeism is becoming a real problem within your business? How much it is actually costing your business invaluable work time, productivity and money? A […]


What does the new wage increase mean for your business?

5 June, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

The Fair Work Commission has announced the Australian minimum wage will be increased by 2.5% starting 1st July 2015. The 1.86 million lowest paid workers will get a $16 a week pay rise. Tanda used its own labour cost reporting system to measure the expected effects this will have on local businesses and found startling […]


Close encounters of the client kind

20 May, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

In early May the team from Tanda were cordially invited to the recurring BiBs event – Brisbane Interactive Beers. BiBs exists for the start up and digital community in Brisbane to stay in the know and meet the right people. Each time a BiBs event happens, industry leaders and interesting people get to share some […]


Triumph for Tanda clients – and here’s the proof

1 May, 2015 Jake Phillpot

Tanda works to help your business succeed by taking the dramas and expense of time and attendance out of your equation. That’s why we love to celebrate when we see our clients are doing so well. Brisbane-based company The Print Bar has been with us for a long time now and came to us with […]


Tanda Open Data Hackathon this weekend! – 17th & 18th April

15 April, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

This article is about the 2015 event. Go to hack.tanda.co for 2016’s event details! The Tanda Open Data Hackathon is upon us! Programmers, designers and developers are flocking to Brisbane for Tanda’s first Open Data Hackathon. In a digital era where everything is reachable from the click of a button, it’s no surprise there are now […]