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Why is it so hard to pay people correctly?

24 August, 2016 Tasmin Trezise

Most people never have to worry about the payroll compliance process required to get someone paid. It’s not a hugely riveting subject; I mean, staff go to work, they work, they get paid. However, as Fair Work’s list of big companies failing to pay legal wages continues to grow, society is starting to wonder why […]

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Australian Minimum Wage Update for 2016

17 June, 2016 Katrina Marquez

With the End of Financial Year fast approaching, it’s time for you to start thinking about minimum wage and what is required of you as a business owner for the New Financial Year. Fair Work Australia has recently released its decision on national employment standards, which include wage increases for Modern Award rates. As of July […]

New rostering features allows you to get visual with pay rates

4 December, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

This week at Tanda, we’ve launched some exciting new features to give businesses a complete visual breakdown on different pay rates that are applying on the roster. This is a game changer in allowing managers to easily build a fully costed, compliant and optimised work roster. Making it easier to understand the cost of a […]


Different kinds of Award Interpreters

20 November, 2015 Josh Cameron

We often chat to people who have looked at a few different award interpretation tools on the market. Most are not really sure which award interpretation tool is right for their business.  In this post, we’re going to take a look at the different kinds of award interpreters out there to help you understand what […]