Tanda Blog: Add-ons & Integrations

Are you an ‘Uber Accountant’?

1 March, 2017 Phil Johnson

Gus Balbontin, Former Executive Director and CTO of Lonely Planet, opened MYOB Incite 2017 by posing the idea that there are two types of accountants. The first, and most successful accountant, embraces change. When customers move in a different direction, they are already two steps ahead and ready to capitalise. These accountants are the ‘Ubers’ […]

The next stage in retail evolution?

27 February, 2017 Alexandra Franco

Three reasons why you should integrate your POS software The advances in credit card technology and the creation of the of the electronic payment terminal in 1982 revolutionised payment processing for businesses around the world. It leads to better cash flow management, and an increase in sales processing efficiencies, ultimately influencing customer spending behaviour. Over the […]

Tanda brings time clocks and timesheets to Attaché

13 May, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

TandaHQ is pleased to announce not only are we integrated with MYOB and Xero to name a few – but we’ve just integrated with Attaché! What do you mean, you’re integrated now? you might ask. Well, for starters now we can export time sheet data in a way that their payroll software can import. This makes Tanda […]

Bendigo … Isn’t there a bank there?

3 February, 2014 Jake Phillpot

Welcome to Bendigo. It’s here that, in 1851, the discovery of gold set the town’s future as a prominent Australian boomtown. And it’s here that, this week, the Tanda crew arrived for the Xero Roadshow’s first day. We didnt find any gold. But we did discover a lot more about Australia’s most historically significant finance […]

New integrations: Attaché and Reckon

8 May, 2013 Alex Ghiculescu

We’re pleased to announce integrations with Attaché and Reckon (aka. QuickBooks/Quicken)! Integrating with even more accounting, payroll, and HR packages allows us to save even more of our customers’ time and money when gathering staff data and processing payroll. These integrations should be rolled out for all customers in the coming days. How do they […]

Tanda Unveils Easy-to-Use Wage Easy Integration

6 March, 2013 Josh Cameron

We are pleased to announced that Tanda (PayAus) has full Wage Easy integration, a leading payroll and HR software system. Full integration allows you to use Tanda to track your staff’s attendance and manage their timesheets, and then export the data directly into Wage Easy, and your subsequent HR processes. How does it work? Well, they don’t call […]