Why graduates should consider startups for a career

31 August, 2016 Nadia Sommer

Today’s corporate society is changing as businesses begin to measure their success by culture and impact rather than head count. While this attitude change may be slow coming for some, for graduates it represents unlimited career opportunities.

The world of today’s graduates differs greatly from that of generations before. It is shaped by agile roles, quick moving careers and constantly evolving industries. Companies like Tanda are proving to graduates that successful and rewarding careers can start with local companies right here in Brisbane. The growing success of startups and tech companies in Australia is changing the graduate career space, showing that you can still acquire the knowledge and skills without being just another number on the long list of graduate recruits.

Tanda recently hosted its inaugural Tanda Careers Info Night for final year Brisbane graduates, providing an exclusive insight into life at Tanda, and what a career with a growing Tech company could be like. Hearing from a few members of the Tanda team about their experience and career decisions highlighted how the graduate career space is changing.

Tanda Careers Info Night for Brisbane graduates

Fellow team member Renee and I both turned down graduate roles at international organisations to work for Tanda, because we were looking for a workplace where we could make a difference in a company free of unnecessary bureaucracy and complex decision-making processes. Meanwhile one of our newest team members Liam, explained that he joined the Tanda team because he was looking for an opportunity where he could fast-track his career in a rapidly expanding and diverse industry.

As society changes, so do the requirements for skills and knowledge. No longer are cookie-cutter roles the only option for graduates, as more businesses are looking for graduates who can adapt and apply their skills and expertise to roles outside of their degree. Take the Tanda team for example, with backgrounds in Law, Finance, Engineering, HR and Psychology, it goes to show that you don’t need an IT or Mathematics degree to work at a software company.

These days many final year students are faced with the pressure to enter top tier graduate programs to secure jobs after university. While this can provide a great career foundation for many, it isn’t the only option available for graduates fresh out of university in today’s society.

By looking for companies that specialise in niche markets, graduates are able to explore the professional world in new ways. The rapid expansion of many emerging industries like SaaS, means that graduates are often thrown into roles where they can be directly involved in the direction of the business. Whether this is through hands-on access and responsibilities or inspiring mentors and opportunities. Graduates are now able to quickly and easily acquire the core skills and knowledge to fast track their career, without the bureaucratic restrictions typical of top tier companies.

Australia’s tech and startup scene has challenged the conversation around what determines the success of a company. No longer are graduates solely looking at which multi-national will set them up for future job prospects, but they’re also considering the culture, values and professional atmosphere of the company as well. Because at the end of the day, company success is not longer solely dictated by the number of employees they have, but also by the impact that they have on their employees and the community.

Are you a Brisbane graduate and interested in joining the team at Tanda? Check out Tanda Careers for more information.

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