Tanda’s New Contracts Feature

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Tanda users can now send, accept, and alter contracts with employees, all within our system.

Businesses using Tanda to onboard casuals and other staff will benefit from our new contracts capability, which has now launched. Share employment contracts with all the necessary details for a new starter to accept, and start off on the right foot. 

Tanda users can create contract templates for different roles, and have “dynamic fields” automatically populate the contract with details specific to each employee, including pay rates and employment types. 

Should an employee receive a promotion, or a change is made to their working conditions, these updates can be scheduled for a particular day. Inform staff of their previous conditions and the new changes through a contract, and have them accept the updates.

By placing dynamic fields throughout the contract, each contract can be tailored to an employee in seconds , reducing admin for your business. For example, minor changes to part-time hours, or a pay increase could all be populated by a dynamic field in a template to then send out for staff to accept.

Gone are the days of hundreds of documents with slight changes cluttering your desktop. Centralise your operations with Tanda’s contracts and recordkeeping. 

Contracts can be sent to employees immediately, and they can accept, submit, and access them through the Tanda app. Tanda also keeps a historical record of all contracts, ensuring that you have a solid record of previous arrangements should they be needed.

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