How Pennwood Aged Care reduced payroll admin by over 60%

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“Quality care with European flair,” sets Pennwood Aged Care apart from the rest of the South Australian Aged Care Industry. They provide personalised multilingual care services for a variety of Eastern European backgrounds. 

The backbone of any successful operation is effective workforce management, and for processes to be efficient, you need to find the right solution. That’s where Pennwood Aged Care needed help. 

Pennwood’s fortnightly pay run would take three full-time finance staff two working days plus overtime to complete. “We were still using paper-based timesheets, which was a real problem,” shared Myriam Freer,  the lead finance officer at Pennwood Aged Care. 

Manually administering rosters, timesheets, and payroll processing is not just time-consuming but is also prone to error. With a staff of approximately 100 individuals and being in an industry that is heavily regulated, accuracy, compliance, and efficiency are their priorities.

After partnering with Tanda, Pennwood Aged Care increased their finance team’s efficiency by 300% and is now equipped to accurately comply with labour laws in Australia, given the complexity of awards in their industry. 

With Tanda’s scheduling and timesheet solution, Pennwood Aged Care reduced the number of employees working on administrative tasks and hired additional physical therapists for the facility, improving residents’ living conditions. Furthermore, Tanda’s award interpretation accurately calculated complex EBAs and the qualification module ensured the right employee had the right qualifications at the right time. 

Take a look at how they managed to create streamlined and more cost-effective processes using Tanda. 

Finding the Right Solution

Pennwood Aged Care knows exactly the issues they need to address. From the get-go, they needed a system that could:

  • Automatically create a large volume of timesheets each pay run
  • Calculate and apply the relevant award rates and allowances
  • Automatically export the data to their payroll system each pay period
  • Keep track of staff attendance to ensure correct pay

While being clear on their goals, Myriam still experienced a setback with another software vendor who could not correctly interpret their complex industrial rewards. She continued to search for more efficient solutions and eventually reached out to Tanda for a more streamlined solution. 

Increasing Efficiency and Ensuring Compliance

After partnering with Tanda, Pennwood Aged Care massively improved staffing schedule and efficiency through cost-effective and automated processes. 

“Honestly, I think it’s about efficiency and effectiveness. We were doing a lot of double handling, now it’s just streamlined. We are pumping as much into Tanda as we can,” remarked Myriam. 

Take a look at how Tanda helped Myriam and her team address concerns in their day to day operations.

Rostering Software 

  • Pennwood Aged Care used Tanda’s rostering features to create more efficient schedules for their staff.
  • Cognitive rostering ensured that they kept unnecessary overtime to a minimum to reduce wage spend.
  • Rostering to demand ensured that they always rostered the required number of qualified staff per resident.
  • Modern Shift Swapping enabled employees to be utilised across the varying business units and reduce agency costs.

Digital timesheeting

  • Timesheets are now automatically generated, which means that they could create and approve accurately costed timesheets in bulk each pay period.
  • The timesheet software automatically flagged any variance in wage spend, aiding them in adhering to their budgeting KPI’s.
  • Tanda’s timesheet software synced to their payroll system, allowing them to export the data without any manual entry each pay period, significantly reducing the required labour hours.


  • Tanda’s award engine applies the correct base rates, overtime, and allowances to completed shifts, reducing the need to manually calculate pay rates and amend timesheets. 
  • Tanda’s qualification management module helps Pennwood Aged Care stay compliant with Aged Care Quality Standards.

Because time spent on administrative tasks is reduced, Pennwood Aged Care can focus more on other valuable tasks such as improving the quality of care and living conditions of their residents.

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