3 Ways Online Rostering Software Help Businesses

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Right people. Right place. Right time.

For Australian businesses, especially those that operate for most of the day or round the clock, creating the perfect roster is vital. Aside from scheduling an adequate level of staff, what’s equally crucial is how you create rosters.

Rostering may sound simple, but it’s quite complex and tedious. It’s not as simple as writing down names to correspond to particular shifts, sending it out to staff, and calling it a day. It involves taking into account a lot of different factors, such as employment arrangements, availability, and wage costs. That’s why manually creating shifts is not the way to go. 

The good news is there are digital solutions that can help with this, such as online rostering software. 

We talked with some managers and Australian business owners to see the different ways online rostering software helped manage their staff and business.

1. Smoother operations

HideAway is a maker of artisan beauty goods, and they wanted to streamline rostering despite unpredictable loads. Tanda’s predictive rostering feature helped them do exactly that. 

“Let’s say that the week beforehand was quiet. We can pull it over and the shift filling feature helps fill it all in, to maximise our roster and prepare for a big week ahead,” shared Dan, the brand’s Operations Manager.

Additionally, HideAway also reduced time spent on rostering and has simplified the process for their team. “Tanda has been a game-changer for us with rostering and being able to contact our staff quick and easy with the text message and the call feature,” he says.

2. More time saved

When done manually, rostering can be messy, confusing, and prone to error.

Online rostering software can cut time spent on creating schedules, and provide room to easily adjust to factors such as peak hours and wage costs. 

“Tanda allows me to plan my human resources better according to peak times and slow periods and its integration with my POS gives me invaluable data to adjust staffing quickly and efficiently,” Christian Sieg of Feedlot Eatery shares.

The Cheesecake Shop is another Australian business that has benefited a lot from online rostering software. With a franchise structure and a huge workforce, Tanda’s rostering software has helped them save time and simplify rostering. 

“The key benefits to the franchisees is once you do a roster in Tanda, you can copy it from one week to the next. If a change is made, that change gets sent only to the team member whose roster has been affected,” Shane Ward, Territory Sales Manager of The Cheesecake Shop shared. 

3. Maximised wage costs

When it comes to rostering, the goal is to have a profitable shift while staying on budget or better yet, minimising costs. A good online rostering software can help achieve that. 

The Cheesecake Shop has realised the value of using online rostering software, not just in managing people but also in keeping their wage costs in check. They do this through Tanda’s Live Wage Tracker

“By having the ability to log on to all the rosters throughout the network, I can see a store that has a lower wage percent compared to a store with a high wage percent. Looking at the rosters can help a franchisee see where they’re over staffing.” Shane shared. 

HabitatHQ, a highly-rated hostel in Melbourne, also uses online rostering software to help ensure all their bases are covered and that there’s transparency for the staff. “Tanda provides a great platform to be able to streamline the process of rostering staff from different departments. It also ensures that all team members receive their roster promptly both via SMS and email,” shared Simone, General Manager for HabitatHQ.

Online rostering software is, no doubt a must for Australian businesses. Go for one that will not just automate shift scheduling. Choose the platform that will ultimately help you run your business better and create more results for you and your workforce. 

Want to see how the world’s most comprehensive staffing tool works? Try it today for free. 


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