Tanda now has a mobile app, this means your employees have one simple location where they can see their roster and know exactly when they are working. Additionally, they can let their managers know when they are unavailable or would like to file for leave.

What your staff can do right now with the app

As of now, your staff can:

  • View their shift roster
  • View and apply for leave
  • Enter unavailability

In the coming weeks and months we will be adding many more exciting timesheet updates, as well as features for managers!

How to get your staff to use the app

Your staff can download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Just search for “Tanda Employee App”:

There will also be links to the app at the bottom of the roster email when you send that out.

What if my staff don’t have an existing Tanda login?

That’s no problem, all they need to know is their Tanda email address (the one they use to receive roster emails).

Once they have downloaded the app, they simply click “I don’t know my password” and they will be prompted to enter their Tanda email for instructions.

From here, they will receive a password reset link. After creating a password, they can then log in to the app!

If you have any questions about your employee’s account or how to get your staff to use it, please contact employees@tanda.co and we’d be happy to help.